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  • Added Veristand 2019 Support.

  • Added master synchronization capabilities with the Analog Output Mapping and Conditioning module.

  • Added two channels,¬†Electromagnetic Torque and Electrical Angle, to the Mechanical Model section. (Upgrading from 1.6.0 to 1.6.x)

  • Added a shipping example for the PMSM SH hardware configuration¬†((Archived) eHSx128_Dual_PMSM_SH_IO_7976R).

  • Improved performance and response time of the waveform acquisition engine.

  • BugfixBug fix: Parsing two RTT files to be deployed to the Dual PMSM SH motor model that contained machines with a different number of pole pairs deployed only the first pole pair parameter to both machines.

In the next major version release, PSIM, PLECS Blockset, and NI Multisim support will be dropped.

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Power Electronics Add-On 1.5.0
Power Electronics Add-On 1.5.0