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Table of Contents

Features & Enhancements


  • MIL-STD-1553: Improved mechanism used for the automatic enabling of the ‘Data ready’ signal 


  • Software synch has been improved on Windows simulations to support model timesteps below 1ms


  • DataLogger Python API now supports Python 3.7. Python version 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, and 2.5 are no longer supported.

  • FPGA Scope: Added functionality for intra-step FPGA signal monitoring with ScopeView

  • EtherCAT Slave: Added support for using multiple cards in one simulator

  • MIL-STD-1553: Added support for error injection for remote terminals

  • OPAL-RT Board: Added support for MMC for central systems

  • AFDX: Added new Sfunction driver for AFDX (Arinc 664P7) communication

  • New RT-LAB Python API method "InstallRtlab" available to install RT-LAB on a target.

  • New RT-LAB Python API method "UninstallRtlab" available to uninstall RT-LAB from a target.

  • Improved compilation time when using MingW.

  • Added documentation on MingW compiler.

  • Updated example model in .slx and latest MATLAB versions supported.

  • Checked validity of path given in parameter of "CreatePackage" method available through RT-LAB’s Python API.

  • Updated RT-LAB’s Python API documentation with ImportConnections, ExportConnections, CreateConnection and DeleteConnection methods.

  • "Force Refresh" button available through right-clicking a connection in the RT-LAB configuration panel is moved to the toolbar of this panel.

  • Added check on disk space available when installing RT-LAB on a target.

  • ScopeView: Added documentation related to OPACQ (Choosing Data Logger as a Data Source).

  • ScopeView: Added trigger position and acquisition period parameters for Data Logger acquisitions.

  • PICKERING: Added support for GUI configuration

  • PICKERING: Added support for all Opal-RT-supported cards into one interface

  • OPC-UA Server: Added support for GUI configuration

  • SCPI: Added connection points for easier debugging

Bug Fixes


  • CAN: Fixed problem of minimum values not being imported from the DBC file

  • CAN: Fixed problem of initial value not being imported from the DBC file

  • CAN: Fixed problem of messages missing when importing certain DBC files

  • CAN: Fixed precision loss for unsigned integers before applying the gain

  • CAN: Fixed load error on OP4200 when only one channel is defined


  • Pickering: fixed behaviour where configured cards are missing from the hardware setup


  • DNP3 Slave: Fixed issues with configurations containing many signals 

  • IEC61850: Fixed crash when inputting incompatible SCL files (in the context of GOOSE and SV NLE lists) 

  • OP4200: Fixed issue with programmed timestep value in the FPGA

  • SCPI: Fixed issue of the driver blocking the load of the model when the destination IP cannot be reached

  • CAN: Fixed channel indexing issue 

  • CAN: Fixed problems arising with configurations having a large number of messages (10,000+) 


  • Fixed call to SetParametersByName(), was generating overrun

  • Fixed time used to initialize OpalBoard Driver when loading a model

  • Fixed version of Python set up on OP6000 target

  • CAN: Fixed issue with the model not receiving CAN messages

  • DIANE: Fixed indexing of arrays starting at 0

  • AFDX: Fixed validation of ES and VL IDs

  • AFDX: Improved path filtering when inputting a .hex or .adc file

  • SCPI: Fixed automatic command formatting for MAGNA power supplies

  • Fast Scope FPGA: Fixed issue preventing the FPGA scope from being enabled


  • Improved robustness of RT-LAB’s configuration panel

  • The license server cannot be started twice on the same server.

  • Blocked MATLAB (32 bits) when using a 64-bit compiler to avoid undefined behavior.

  • IO entries are no longer duplicated in the project tree explorer.

  • The pre-trigger percentage is ignored if the value starts at 0.

  • Fixed "Time Factor" parameter when simulating on the localhost.

  • License validation no longer reporting erroneously when used for multiple hosts.

  • Getting a frame from Datalogger in a second run no longer fails.

  • Fixed error when loading a model on an inaccessible target

  • Frame configuration of Datalogger through the Python API, when using a value higher than a 32 bits value, now works.

  • MetaController presence is now detected at boot of RT-LAB.

  • Orchestra example models are now compilable with the MingW compiler.

  • Logs now displayed correctly when loading a model.

  • Slowness fixed when displaying windows containing project examples.

  • "Disconnect selected" option, available in RT-LAB configuration panel, now fixed.

  • "Open with ScopeView" button, available through a right-click on a SignalGroup, now fixed.

  • Print displayed by SyncExchanger tool now fixed.

  • Embedded mode now fixed.

  • "Simulation Tools" entry in RT-LAB Preferences now fixed.

  • Removed extra separator in the Connections menu, in the RT-LAB configuration panel.

  • Fixed email address of the Support team displayed when requesting a new license fails.

  • Web service for requesting licenses is now available.

  • RT-LAB asking to set up a target already set up is fixed.

  • Renamed "Assignation" Tab in model view "Assignment" Tab.

  • Recorder now visible in project tree explorer.

  • Fixed the use of vectors with Orchestra.

  • Fixed OPREC file generation when no signals are present or when checked in a signal group.

  • Fixed project creation when nothing is selected.

  • Fixed model compilation detection, when compiled with an older version of RT-LAB.

  • Fixed pop-up message "RT-LAB already installed on the target" when loading a model on a target that is correctly set up.

  • Fixed options available when creating a new project.

  • Fixed Monitoring Tab when using a Multi-target system based on Dolphin.

  • Fixed OpInput block shown in project tree explorer when using a MATLAB environment variable for the default value.

  • Fixed RT-LAB installation.

  • Fixed error "Could not get the logical node ID" when trying to load a model.

  • Fixed error "File not found: <path_to_subsystem>/<subsystem_name>.map" when compiling a model.

  • Fixed error "Did not receive status from some nodes" when loading a model.

  • Removed erroneous text from the "Probe Control" panel.

  • Fixed count of connections selected when removing them from RT-LAB’s configuration panel.

  • Fixed target status.

  • ScopeView: Fixed navigation in the OPREC file.

  • CAN: Fix for CAN IDs greater than 29 bits (DRVTT-1118)

  • CAN: Fixed stability issues (DRVTT-1091, DRVTT-1106)

  • OPAL-RT Board: Fixed issues when fetching bitstream files from the standard repositories (DRVTT-1121)

  • IEC61850: Corrected driver to send the data types as defined in the .icd file for SV NLE (DRV-3392)

  • IEC61850: Removed interface pre-configuration when adding it to a project (DRVTT-42)

  • IEC61850: Fix for malformed SV packets when svID or data uses more than 128 octets (DRVTT-1057)

  • SCPI: Improved user interface (DRVTT-1043)

  • SCPI: Fixed driver when used with a Magna Power Source (DRV-3367)

  • PICKERING: Ignore notion of bits per channel for resistive cards not using the precision setting

  • MODBUS: Fixed issues appearing due to error codes 32 and 9 (DRVTT-1079)

  • Synchronization: Changed the network interface selection to be a text field (DRV-3363)