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Table of Contents

The OP4520 can hold any combination of four of the following Type B mezzanines. The standard configuration contains one of each.

32 Digital In (OP5353)

Number of channels

32 digital inputs


Optical isolator

Connection mode

Anode and cathode available on the connector

Input current

3.6 mA, current limiting diode

Reverse voltage protection

Schottky diode

Maximum reverse voltage protection

30 Volts

Detection threshold

Separate Schmitt Trigger

Voltage range

4 to 50 Vdc


Number of channels

32 digital outputs

2 banks of 16, fully isolated and independent of each other


Galvanic isolator

Output Protection

50 mA resettable fuse

Protection thresholds

Overvoltage: 30.1V

Reverse voltage: maximum of 30 V.

Output Voltage range

5 to 30 Vdc max

Output configuration

Push-pull, tri-state output

16 Analog In (OP5340)

Number of channels

16 differential


16 bits

Input range (V)

±20v to ±120v