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Subcircuit Ports

Subcircuits and Hierarchy

What is Hierarchy?

  • Hierarchy refers to the ability to have a device symbol in a schematic actually represent an arbitrary circuit block. The pins on the device symbol represent connections to specific input output points on the internal circuit. For clarity, a device symbol that represents an internal circuit will be called a hierarchical block.
  • Subcircuits (also called subnetworks) are the building blocks of hierarchy.
  • Hierarchical design provides a powerful way of representing complex designs in compact and readable form. A top-level diagram of your system can show only major functional blocks. These blocks can then be opened to show more and more design details.
  • Hierarchical design in effect adds a third dimension to a schematic diagram. It also raises some complex issues that should be understood before embarking on a major design.


  • The New Type Name input field allows changing the type name. This changes the Part attribute of the subcircuit.
  • The second radio button (Make the selected…) is similar to the Make Unique Type command available from Options > Part Type.
  • If you select this option and keep the same type name and if other subcircuits of the same type are available in the design, then HYPERSIM will use the PartTemp attribute to distinguish this device.
  • The Mask tab allows masking the subcircuit and selecting a mask name.

Subcircuit creation methods

HYPERSIM offers a large number of methods for creating and maintaining subcircuits. The starting point is the Subcircuit Wizard opened from Options> Subcircuit> Create Subcircuit Block: