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The Sequence Manager is accessed from the HYPERSIM Ribbon Options.

Its intended use is to is to record a series of user manipulations and execute them to automate HYPERSIM contextualizationscripts.

It supports both the standard API and Python API.

Here are some of its advantages:

  • The Sequence Manager allows the user to record recurring and repetitive operations so that the user they can perform be performed them automatically.
  • This sequence recorder stores the user's actions in a Basic or Python sequence script according to the norms and standards of the Hypersim HYPERSIM API.
  • This sequence script can then be executed at the user's request.
  • This recorder does not replace a good Python programmer; it allows the user with little training in basic HYPERSIM API or Python to create simple and reusable macros.
  • It also allows the seasoned API programmer to quickly remember code or syntax that they are no longer familiar with.