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  • Fixed Target I/O Interface component not renaming pins containing certain forbidden characters on the schematic

  • Fixed issue with Target I/O Interface component when a data point is lost
  • Fixed simulation still running on the target in case of an engine crash on the host (limitation: fix not available on Red Hat 32-bit OS)
  • Fixed sh: /sbin/lspci: No such file or directory error in the target diagnostic for OPAL-RTLinux OS
  • Fixed eHS target license missing error
  • Fixed HYPERSIM average simulation time value in .simout file
  • Fixed HYPERSIM RTMonitor CPU "No Selected CPUs" error


  • Removed HyperView Monitor tab
  • Removed HyperView Line tab and moved it to corresponding Lines component masks
  • Removed HyperView SyncMac tab and moved it to corresponding Synchronous machine with fault component mask
  • Removed Sequence Manager for this version due to instabilities. It will be back in the next version