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Rear Connectors and Controls


  1. Master power switch

  2. Power cord connector

  3. Serial port (COM1)

  4. VGA port

  5. 1G LAN RJ-45 Port (LAN1)*

  6. 1G LAN RJ-45 Port (LAN2)*

  7. LAN RJ-45 Port (IPMI_LAN1)*

  8. USB 3.2 Gen2 Ports (USB3_1 and USN3_2)

  9. 10G LAN RJ-45 Port (LAN3)*

  10. 10G LAN RJ-45 Port (LAN4)*

  11. UID Switch
    With the Unique Identification (UID) button, you are able to locate the server you’re working on from behind a rack of servers.
    When the UID button on the front or rear panel is pressed, the front/rear UID blue LED indicator will be turned on.
    Press the UID button again to turn off the indicator.

  12. Optional PCIe x4 Gen 2 Host Adapter (not shown)

‡ Power supply unit (PSU) master switch (#1) and power cord connector (#2) positions may be different, depending on the PSU supplier. Fan grid may also look different.

* See LED indication below