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IEC 61850 (legacy) | Supported Features and Limitations

Supported Features

All support simulation on Windows and Linux.

GOOSE 8-1 Publishers & Subscribers 

These items behave as transmission and reception units of Generic Object Oriented Substation Event (GOOSE) messages (command, control or status). Publishers and subscribers are configured by providing a SCL/CID/ICD file, creating connection points for every attributes comprised within the selected GOOSE message.

Sampled Values 9-2LE Publishers & Subscribers

These items represent respectively a merging unit and a subscriber in an IEC 61850 architecture. The logical device referred as Merging Unit (MU) performs a time coherent combination of the current and/or voltage data. The MU contains the Logical Nodes TVTR (voltage transformer) and TCTR (current transformer). It combines the currents and voltages from three phases, and additionally also the neutral currents and voltages in one data set for transmission with the Sampled Values service to all subscribing Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED). This version of Merging Unit follows the recommendations of the UCA International Users Group, published in the user convention IEC 61850-9-2LE. Mainly, the SV data set is composed of 4 CT/VT transmitted using 80 or 256 samples per cycle. The input data is computed and sent/received on/from the network by a driver application that runs at a frequency determined by the configured sample rate and nominal frequency. This I/O interface also supports data integrity manipulation of publisher values.

Simulator Throughput

About the size of 9-2LE messages (by SEL)

One 9-2LE Sampled Values stream represents 4.8 Mbps of data throughput. Our simulators support 1 Gbps throughput per Ethernet adapter and provide a minimum of 2 adapters (additional Ethernet cards are optionally available). In a typical configuration, the first adapter is reserved for communication with the host and the second adapter can be used by the simulation. Thus the most basic simulator hardware configuration supports up to 213 9-2LE Sampled Values streams. Considering that the driver runs the asynchronous process at a time step of 208 us and that each message takes approximately 5 us to process, a maximum of 41 streams can be managed per physical core. The driver adapts automatically to the user's needs and reserves additional cores when more than 41 streams are configured. To achieve 213 streams, 6 physical cores are required. Through using additional Ethernet cards, expansion chassis and larger CPU, there is no theoretical limit to the number of streams our simulators can manage. Please consider the potential limits imposed by the number of ports of the Ethernet switch(es) or other devices in the network.

Note that these guidelines do not consider mixing GOOSE messages or other communication protocols on the same Ethernet interface.

Sampled Values IEC 61869-9 Publishers & Subscribers

Contrary to Sampled Values 9-2LE, the SV data set is composed of a custom number of current and voltage values, usually associated to a quality value. In this standard, the transmission rate is not limited to 80 or 256 samples per cycle.


Support for the legacy interface will be dropped in version 2024.1. Please ensure to have done the migration to the new interface by that point, either by using the converter tool described here or by recreating the configuration manually.

As of HYPERSIM 2022.1, this interface can no longer be used to create new configurations. However, all previously made configurations will continue to be supported until version 2024.1.

IEC 61850-8-1 GOOSE

  • Supported GOOSE basic attributes are: BOOLEAN, INT8, INT16, INT32, INT64, INT8U, INT16U, INT32U, FLOAT32, FLOAT64, Enum, Dbpos, Tcmd, Check, Quality, Timestamp and Struct.
  • MMS mapping services are not supported.
  • Timestamp data type is only processed at GOOSE header level as UTC field; otherwise it is treated as simple integer.

IEC 61850-9-2LE Sampled Values

  • Sampled Values Subscribers can only filter messages by multicast address; therefore is it not possible to have two SV messages being published on the same address since SV Subscribers will subscribe to both, leading to erroneous information.

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