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EMTP Network Compatibility

The EMTP Network compatibility consists of editing/simulating a circuit in HYPERSIM which was originally developed on EMTP. 

EMTP and HYPERSIM share the same user interface and network data format (*.ecf); thus, an EMTP model can be loaded in HYPERSIM.

However, the compatibility between the simulation models or the functionalities of the two software is not fully supported. 

This guide is intended to help the user to prepare and update an EMTP circuit to be used on HYPERSIM (offline or in real time). 

  • The EMTP | List of Compatible Components section presents the list of components from the EMTP libraries that are fully supported in HYPERSIM. 
  • The EMTP | List of Partially Compatible Components section presents the list of components from the EMTP libraries that are partially supported in HYPERSIM. These blocks are compatible in a HYPERSYM simulation. However, some of their options are not supported in HYPERSIM.

NOTE: High-level models or subsystems from Exciters And Governors, Power electronics, Protection and Renewable EMTP libraries are not fully supported in HYPERSIM. However, these components may be compatible in HYPERSIM if all the basic blocks and functions composing the subsystem are supported. Taking into account the limitations in compatibility of these components, users may have to take additional steps to ensure support.

This guide is organized in the following sections:

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