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Performance Benchmarks

This section of the user documentation lays out some benchmarks for gauging system performance on the newest XG version of the OP5650 and OP5707 (including the new OPAL-RTLinux OS) being introduced in early 2021 versus their previous generation.

BenchmarkSingle-Phase NodesBreakers and Faults (3φ)Minimum Time-StepPerformance Increase over Previous GenerationModel AvailabilityMinimum License Required
600-Node 20 kV Distribution System6152020 us161%In the software, Feeder_20kV_600Node.ecfHXG Max (2 cores)
110-Bus 500 kV Transmission System336320 us126%In the software, HVAC_500kV_110Bus.ecfHXG Max (2 cores)
IEEE 39-Bus New England Power System487124 us129%In the software, EMTP_IEEE_39Bus.ecfHXG Max (1 core)
Two Substations with 100 km Transmission Line1298115 us97%Demonstration upon requestHXG Plus (1 core, 180 nodes)
GHOST Microgrid Wireframe6956321 us71%In the software, GHOST_Microgrid.ecfHXG Max (1 core)
GHOST Microgrid with Protection8136944 us133%In the software, GHOST_ugrid_Protection.ecfHXG Max (3 cores)
Brazil 138 kV and Above Power System2542845 us66%Demonstration upon requestHXG Max (6 cores)
6-Bus Transmission System with I/Os1835 us48%In the software, HVAC_500kV_6Bus.ecfHXG Basic (1 core, 30 nodes)

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