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NI SLSC-12001 Platform

National Instruments’ (NI) Switch, Load, and Signal Conditioning (SLSC) platform provides a convenient way to condition signals between an NI PXI simulator and a device under test. 

In particular, the SLSC-12001 is a 12-slot chassis designed for use with with any SLSC module designed in accordance with the SLSC Module Design Specification 1.0. 

(For more information, see SLSC-12001 Getting Started Guide and Specifications document).

OPAL-RT product line include a set of boards, the OP8900 SLSC Boards, compatible with the SLSC-12001 platform and designed to add compact conditioning and FIU capability.

The overview of a typical system including the SLSC platform is presented in the figure below:

Typical system including SLSC platform

The connection between the PXI I/O modules and the SLSC RTI interfaces of the SLSC chassis require specific cables depending on the set of boards used and the application. 

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