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OP8615-2 Features and Use


The Break-Out box OP8615-2 provides 128 low current channels (5A).

Use Case

Using the OP8615-2 break-out box, you manually generate circuit faults (open circuit and short circuit) using jumpers to either break contact or connect a circuit.
You can analyze and test electronic equipment by specifically testing each component and its connection.

By installing the break-out box as a link between the unit under test (ECU, motor controller, etc.) and the simulator, you can insert a fault manually at any point in the test to assess how the unit reacts to the fault.
You can check and reconnect signals without changing the existing cable harness.

Front Banana Jacks Path to Connectors

Faults are manually created by removing a jumper into the desired channel jacks.
The jumpers used for the break-out box are supplied.

In the event that replacements are needed, we recommend using the original part (STAUBLI 65.9866-21 , Banana Jumper 12mm, 2mm, OPAL-RT P/N T00-0287), or an equivalent.

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