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Here, you will find all user documentation for all OPAL-RT’s hardware and software. User manuals for legacy products are accessible through an expandable menu marked with a red dot 🔴 at the end of some sections. For all other type of documents, including videos, please search in the Resource Center.

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Software: Software Platforms | Toolboxes
Hardware: Real-Time Simulator Hardware Platforms | FPGA Processor and IO Expansion Unit | HIL2GO bundles | I/O Modules | RCP Controller | Specialized HIL Simulators | Educational Laboratory Kits | Modules for NI SLSC-12001 Platform | Hardware Accessories | Third Party Products | Conditioning Modules (Type E)
Others: Communication Protocols | Courseware | Support

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Software Platforms


Software Toolboxes

ARTEMiS | CPU-based Electrical Toolbox
Dashboards | Custom tables, panels and control widgets
eHS | FPGA-based Power Electronics Toolbox
ePHASORSIM | Electro-Mechanical Phasor

EXata CPS (RT-LAB) | Communication network emulation for RT-LAB
EXata CPS (HYPERSIM) | Communication network emulation for HYPERSIM
Orchestra | Co-Simulation

RT-XSG | FPGA-based I/O and Communication
TestView | Test Automation
TestDrive | Panel for Control and Acquisition Signals
ScopeView | Graph & Data Processing
Schematic Editor from OPAL-RT

NI VeriStand Add-ons






OP4200 | Value Added RCP/HIL System
OP4510 V2 | RT-LAB RCP/HIL Systems
Migrating an OP4510 V2 Simulator from Red Hat Linux to OPAL-RTLinux
OP5030 | Real-time Computer
OP5600 V2 | Real-Time Digital Simulator
OP5650 | RCP/HIL Artix 7 FPGA-based Real-Time Simulator
OP5650XG | Real-time Digital Simulator
OP5700 | RPC/HIL FPGA-based Real-time Simulator
OP6000 V2 | Combustion Engine ECU Testing
OP7000 (V1 and V2) | Multi-FPGA ultrafast simulator



OP4520 | FPGA Processor and IO Expansion Unit
OP5607 | RCP/HIL Virtex-7 FPGA Processor and IO Expansion Unit
OP7020 | FPGA Expansion Unit


I/O Modules of the OP48H00 Series for the OP4800 Series of FPGA and I/O Expansion Units.

OP48H10 | Fast I/O Module - 32 DIO, 16 AI, 16 AO at 10 MSPS, ±10 V

I/O Modules of the OP5300 Series for Real-Time Simulators and FPGA and I/O Expansion Units.

OP5330 | 8 or 16 Analog Output at 2 MSPS or 1 MSPS
OP5332 | 16 Analog Output - 2MSPS - Isolated
OP5340 | 16 Analog Input - 0.4 MSPS
OP5342 | 16 Analog Input - 2MSPS

OP5351 | 32 Digital Input - TTL
OP5352 | 32 Digital Output - TTL
OP5353 | 32 Digital Input - 4-50V
OP5360 | 32 Digital Output - 5 to 15V or 5 to 30V

OP5367 | 32 Digital Input/Output
OP5369 | 32 Channel Digital IO Board
OP5969-1 | RS422 Digital Inputs and Outputs (DIO)
OP5969-2 | Fiber Optic Connector

Legacy modules for OP4500, OP4600, OP5500, OP5600, and OP5700 series of real-time simulators and FPGA and I/O Expansion Units.

OP5354 | 32 Digital Output - 5-30V
See OP5360 as compatible replacement module
OP5355-OP5356 | 32 Digital Output - RS422 or LVDS
OP5357-OP5358 | 32 Digital Input - RS422 or LVDS
OP5368 | 8 Digital Input-Output - RS485

Legacy modules for OP6000 Combustion Engine ECU Testing.

OP6221 | Base Module
OP6222 | Reference Pulse Generator Module
OP6223 | Pulse Driven Load Module
OP6224 | Pulsed Output Module
OP6225 | Analog Sensor Module
OP6226 | Resistive Sensor Module
OP6227 | Switch Module
OP6228 | Versatile Processing Module

Legacy modules for OP7000 series Multi-FPGA ultrafast simulator and
OP7220 | Carrier Board
OP7353 | Digital Monitoring Board
OP7461 | PCIe Board
OP78E0 | Type-E Conditioning Carrier
OP7811 | Pass-through Module
OP7816 | 16 Digital Inputs Module
OP7817 | 16 Digital Outputs Module
OP7818 | 16 Analog Inputs Module
OP7820 | 8TX-8RX Fiber Optic Module
OP7821 | Solid State Relay Module
OP7822 | 6TX-6RX Fiber Optic Module
OP7823 | 16 RX Fiber Optic Module
OP7824 | 16TX Fiber Optic Module
OP7832 | Synchronization Board



MMC Test Bench

OP1200 | Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) Test Bench

Power Electronics Bench

OP1300 | Power Electronics Test Bench

PHIL Test Benches

OP1400 | 4-Quadrant Power Amplifier PHIL Test Bench
OP1420 | Microgrid PHIL Test Bench

Power Plant Test Bench

BERTA | Power Plant Test Bench

DFIG Motor Kit
Rapid Control Prototyping Energy Conversion Kit RCP EC2K
PELab Modular Power Electronics Development System

OP8900 | Modules Series

OP8910 | 32 High-Speed Digital IO Conditioning Board
OP8926 | 32-Channel Digital IO Board with Optional FIU
OP8930 | 16 Analog IO Conditioning Board
OP8940 | 32-channel Passthrough Board With FIU

OP8810 | SLSC Cables & RTI for OP8900 Modules Series

OP8810-1 | SLSC Cable VHDCI 68 to 2MDR RAO
OP8810-2 | SLSC Cable VHDCI to 4MDR DIO Ain
OP8810-3 | SLSC Cable VHDCI to 4MDR Aout

Those include, interface connector, mapping, interconnection, conversion, measurement, protection and power amplification hardware accessories.

Interface Connector 1U Modules (OP8210 Series)

OP8211 | 16 or 32-channels BNC Interface
OP8212 | 16 and 32-channel Screw Terminal interface
OP8213 | 32-channel RJ45 Interface
OP8215 | DB37 to 32 Banana plug Interface Panel - 16 channels

OP8216 | DB37 to 16 Fiber Optic interface
OP8217 | DB44 to 64 Mini Banana Plug Monitoring Panel
OP8219 | Inverter/Decoder Module

Other OPAL-RT Hardware

OP5143-4 | PCIe SFP Interface Module
OP5966 | RTSI Signal Converter module
OP5980-2 | DB37 Breakout Diagnostic Module
OP8110 | 4-Quadrant Power Amplifier

OP8320 | Signal Adapting Modules
OP8615-2 | Break-Out Box
OP8640 | Safety Panel
OP8662 | High Voltage and Current Probe

OP8664 | Current Measurement Box
OP8681 | Desktop Connection Interface
OP8710 | High Voltage Solid State Relay Box

Imperix Control and Power Products

B-Box | Control Platforms
Power Modules | PEB, PEH, and PEN Modules
Interfaces | Power and Simulator Interfaces for OPAL-RT Hardware
Sensors | Current and Voltage Sensors
Racks | 3U and 4U Open and Closed Racks
Passive Filters | Three-phase LC-type and EMC Filters
Software | Software Development Kits


OP8E01 | Analog Prototyping Module
OP8E02 | Current Input Module
OP8E03 | Current Output Module
OP8E04 | High Input Voltage Module
OP8E05 | 100mA Current Source Module

OP8E06 | Voltage Output Module
OP8E07 | Isolated Voltage Input Module
OP8E09 | Input Voltage Amplifier - Global Isolation
OP8E10 | Isolated Voltage Output Module
OP8E11 | Current Input Module - 0-20mA - Individual Isolation

OP8E12 | RC Filter Snubber Module
OP8E51 | Dry-contact Relay Module
OP8E52 | Digital Output Sink/Pull Module
OP8E53 | Digital Output Push/Pull Module


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