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BERTA Interface Panel

The Interface panel allows users to access the control and calibration parameters for the conditioning equipment of the signals transmitted from the simulator to the actual speed governor of the tested unit and vice versa and to the mapping parameters of the input/output analog signals.

  • The right part of the panel reproduces the test operating parameters of the Controller panel.
  • The left part of the panel accesses 4 secondary panels following the tab selected.

Interface Panel

AD/DA Calibration Tabs

These panels change the gain and offset correction values of analog signals. The calibration parameters were precision-adjusted in laboratory conditions. It is recommended to check them from time to time and to adjust them if required.

The BERTA Calibration application should be used to execute this task. The calibration parameters were estimated using a recursive function with at least seven measurements.

The correction of the AD signal follows this equation:

Y = Kad X - Bad
  • Where X is the input signal in V or mA into the input channel of the interconnection module;
  • Kad is the gain in V/V or V/mA;
  • Bad is the correction offset of the zero in V;
  • Y is the correctly calibrated signal in V that wil be processed by the calculation algorithm

The correction of the DA signal follows this equation:

Y = Kda X – Bda
  • Where X is the signal in V or mA from the calculation algorithm;
  • Kda is the gain in V/V or V/mA;
  • Bda is the correction offset of the zero in V;
  • Y is the correctly calibrated signal in V that will be sent to the digital/analog converter and the interconnection module.

AD Mapping Tab

This panel displays the addresses (0 to 31) of the analog signal input channels. These addresses can be changed here. Signals identified by a specific name are processed with the algorithm according to their usefulness. Signals identified only by a number are not processed and serve only for graphic display and recording.

AD Mapping Panel

DA Mapping Tab

This panel assigns output signals to designated analog/digital converters. These signals can be selected using pop-up menus or their identification number.

DA Mapping Panel

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