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The OP5332 module provides 16 isolated analog output channels, sampled at 2MS/s and producing ±16V output values.

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  • The OP5332 is not compatible with the OP4510, OP4200 and OP7000 chassis.
  • OP56xx and OP5707 simulators can accommodate a maximum of two OP5332 modules

Main Features

  • 8 pairs of isolated analog output channels (16 channels total)
  • 16-bit resolution
  • Simultaneous sampling at 2 MS/s
  • Voltage range ±16V
  • Maximum current 10mA
  • Factory-calibrated

Channel description

Each channel uses a dedicated 16-bit resolution digital-to-analog converter.

All outputs are sampled simultaneously at 2 MS/s, giving a total throughput of 32 MS/s.

The channels are isolated by pair.

Current/voltage characteristics

The output signal voltage range is ±16 volts.

The maximum current per channel is ±10 mA.


The card is factory-calibrated to ensure accurate output values with a maximum of ±10 mV absolute error.

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To ensure the ±10mV precision, a warm-up time of 10mn is necessary.

Typical Use Cases

The following diagram provides an example of a typical setup using the OP5332. An analog output signal is sent to the unit under test. The maximum current rating of the signal is 10mA.

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For compatibility of this card, please consult the Software compatibility and Hardware compatibility tables.