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The information below provides general guidelines for module handling. 

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Form Factor


The OP5300 series of mezzanine modules follows OPAL-RT's Type-B form factor.


  • The modules are rectangular in shape, their L x W dimensions are 6.60 cm x 12.50 cm (2.6” x 4.92”)
  • Unless otherwise specified, the modules' height is 15mm (0.06")

  • Two Samtec Q Strip High-Speed 80pos connectors are located on the bottom side of the module's PCB. The connectors are labelled either J1/J2 or P1/P2:
    • connector J2 (or P2): this connector carries signals to/from the FPGA: IDs, EEPROM signals, control data or measured data, 3.3/5V power signals.
    • connector J1 (or P1): this connector carries signals to/from the external world: power signals (12/18V), data signals, etc.
  • Four mounting holes allow to affix it to the carrier board of the real-time simulator with screws.