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The 3-winding 3-phase linear transformer with internal tertiary is very similar to its version without internal tertiary. Its advantage is to further spare nodes to optimize computation time by fixing the tertiary winding type to delta.

titleTable of Contents

Table of Contents

Mask and Parameters

General Parameters

DescriptionUse this field to add all kinds of information about the component
Base primary/secondary/tertiary winding voltage (rmsLL) 

Base value for PU conversion (kV).

Voltage expressed in kV rms LL

This base voltage and nominal voltage will change, if the corresponding winding connection switches between delta and Y.

Base power (total) Base value for PU conversion (MVA)
Base frequency Base value for PU conversion (Hz)

 Magnetization Impedance Parameters

  • Rm: Equivalent resistance of iron losses of the magnetic circuit (Ω)
  • Lm: Magnetization inductance (H)

Winding Parameters

Primary/secondary connection

Winding type

  • Y ground: Grounded Y connection (can use the internal neutral impedance specified in the other tab)
  • Y floating: Floating Y connection
  • Y neutral: Y connection with impedance connected at the input pin N1 or N2
  • Delta lead: Delta connection with lead of 30°
  • Delta ground: Grounded delta connection (Phase C is grounded)
  • Delta lag: Delta connection with lag of 30°
Tertiary connectionforced to Delta
Voltage (rmsLL)

Rated voltage of the winding (kV)

Y connections: Voltage expressed in kV rms LL

Delta connections: Voltage expressed in kV rms LL

R1, R2, R3 Leakage resistance of the winding (Ω)
L1, L2, L3  Leakage inductance of the winding (H)

Neutral Impedance Parameters

R1, R2Neutral resistance of the winding; only applies to Y ground (Ω)
L1, L2Neutral inductance of the winding; only applies to Y ground (H)
C1, C2Neutral capacitance of the winding; only applies to Y ground (F)

Ports, Inputs, Outputs and Signals Available for Monitoring


Net_1Primary winding connection (supports only 3-phase connections)
Net_2Secondary winding connection (supports only 3-phase connections)
Net_N1Neutral connection for primary winding (supports only 1-phase connections)
Net_N2Neutral connection for secondary winding (supports only 1-phase connections)


  • None


  • None


ILMAG(a,b,c)Magnetization current for each phase (A)
IPRIM(a,b,c)Primary current for each phase (A)
ISEC2(a,b,c)Secondary current for each phase (A)
ISEC3(a,b,c)Tertiary current for each phase (A)