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Network Transformers

The three-phase transformer library contains models of linear, saturable and tap changer transformers. These models are built using a combination of single-phase transformers with two, three, or four windings. The connections available are the most commonly found. 

These are:

  • Y connection “with” or “without” neutral grounding
  • Delta connection which can prevent the flow of the zero-sequence current in the other winding(s)
  • Zigzag connection in which the windings belonging to two phases are interconnected to induce a phase-shift

The saturation of the magnetic core can be represented together with the hysteresis phenomena if the user is interested in this aspect of the study. The “tap changer” characteristic is also available and is quite useful too in systems with power converters. 

Available transformer models are:

See also measuring transformers here: Network Measurements

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