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Table of Contents


LZoom out last level
XZoom out last level X
YZoom out last level Y
BZoom out last level XY
Shift + XZoom out all levels X
Shift + YZoom out all levels Y
RZoom out all levels
Moreover, ScopeView remembers the zooms made to revert to a previous state or an original state.

Graph Menu

SUPERIMPOSEDScopeView displays two or more traces in the same graph (depending on how many signals you have selected).
UNDO SUPERIMPOSEDScopeView displays one signal per graph.
CURSORScopeView displays a Region cursor and a corresponding table. This type of cursor selects an area of interest of a graph and displays the coordinates and other information as per the table below.
To activate this feature, select the Cursor item; click your mouse at the beginning of the area you want, then at the other end of the same area.