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The example utilizes a modified edition of the original IEEE118 bus model mentioned in [2]. The IEEE 118-bus test case is an approximate representation of the American Electric Power system in the U.S. Midwest as it existed in December 1962. The system consists of 19 generators, 35 synchronous condensers, 177 lines, 9 transformers, and 91 loads [2]. All gen units except for gen_69 and gen_89 are identical and each consists of a GENROU, EXST1, TGOV1, and PSS1A. The gen unit of gen_69 which is on the slack bus has only a GENROU. Finally, the gen unit of gen_89 consists of a GENROU and a TGOV1.


In HYPERSIM, the model time step is set to 5 µs to align with the PSS®E simulation settings. The /wiki/spaces/HDI/pages/3548177 is employed to record the desired sensor measurements from t = 0 s to t = 15 s, with a decimation factor of 1 applied. Additionally, for the chosen signal groups, the number of frames to record is set to 1, the frame length is adjusted to 15 seconds, and the output file autonaming checkbox is deselected. Apart from the predetermined sensors provided in the given example, users have the option to follow the instructions in Sensor Management to record additional sensors.

The provided, ScopeView template, PSSE_Import_118_Bus.svt, facilitates the comparison of simulation recordings between PSS®E and HYPERSIM. It is noted that the source files need to be replaced before playing the recorded data. The results from the PSS®E analysis for this case study have been included in the Reports_SC_PSSe.csv file, and this file can be integrated into ScopeView. However, if the user wishes to conduct a new case study, such as analyzing a different short circuit at another bus, they should replace the existing PSS®E results in the template with the new results obtained from the new case study. To replace the HYPERSIM results, the .oprec file can be found in the Recordings folder at PSSE_Import_118_Bus_hyp after running the imported model.