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HYPERSIM Release Notes: 2019.1



  • Added new Renewable Energy example models for PVGS, FCGS, BESS and CHP
  • Added support for MATLAB R2018a and R2018b
  • Added data logger capability to start and stop recording while the simulation is running
  • Added dynamic file management capability to the data logger
  • Added load flow support to UCM
  • Added autotransformer model
  • Added transceiver models for voltage and current signals
  • Added point of current measurement in thyristor model
  • Added an option in the ribbon to export the design in EDD format
  • Added support for I/O factor with new UI-based I/O system in the sensor view
  • UI: Added capability to draw diagonal signal lines
  • UI: Added capability to connect a bundle input to multiple outputs


  • Improved default performance factor value to 20
  • Improved workflow of the content editor with an expression analyzer
  • Improved workflow with snapshot by providing it directly in the main HYPERSIM ribbon
  • Improved workflow and fixed various issues with the Target Manager


  • Fixed Advanced target settings that were not applied before simulation or saved with the model
  • Fixed missing iteration parameter in "3-winding, w/ sat + tap + dec" transformer
  • Fixed API function setSensorDataPoint()
  • Fixed PT block error when using it as a network element mode
  • Fixed transformers not displayed in Base Voltage view of the netlist if neutral pin is visible
  • Fixed gcc compilation command not working
  • Fixed issue with 1-phase wideband line model
  • Fixed default value for the task mapping performance factor being too low
  • Fixed issue with driver configuration update progress bar persisting after the update is completed
  • Fixed various issues with non-persisting preferences
  • Fixed issue with lost data when changing the number of points on a saturation curve
  • Fixed wideband fitter failing to generate data
  • Fixed issue with simulation preferences being saved on Apply instead of with the model
  • Fixed R-L coupled wrong pin type that should be 3-phase only
  • Fixed network issue that could cause a time out during code generation
  • Fixed 1-phase to 3-phase connection type change not taken into account at the next Analyze
  • Fixed issue with .pun file not loading in the DC line model
  • UI: Fixed various bundle and breakout connection issues
  • UI: Fixed Advanced Find window not hiding and re-showing correctly
  • UI: Fixed various issues in Edit Symbol mode
  • UI: Fixed various issues in Library Maintenance
  • UI: Fixed rename issue after copy/paste action
  • UI: Fixed issues with Observables on subcircuits
  • UI: Fixed Parts Library disappearing when floated

I/O Interfaces

C37.118 Master

  • Added "Mismatch" connection point providing information whether the master has a different number of data configured
    than the slave

DNP3 Master

  • Added option to execute the driver on a dedicated core
  • Improved data mapping using editable custom names instead of preconfigured order

DNP3 Slave

  • Added option to execute the driver on a dedicated core

IEC 61850

  • Fixed GOOSE messages corruption when daName refers directly to a basic
    data attribute
  • Fixed cVal.mag.f data attribute parsing

Modbus Slave

  • Added option to configure the initial values

OPAL-RT Boards

  • Added support for Multi-System Expansion link (MuSE)
  • Added support for new Artix-7 FPGA board (OP5143)


  • Added support for OPAL-RTLinux 64-bit

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