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HYPERSIM Release Notes: 6.2.2



  • Added cloud simulation capability
  • Added monitoring of signal values in the schematics while the simulation is running
  • Added several new example models in Generation, Transmission and Distribution, How To and Benchmarks
  • Added license migration tool for OS license
  • Added Network Switches and Converters - DC circuit breaker
  • Added count of each and all components in the Netlist view
  • Added possibility to export the netlist to an Excel file
  • Added capability for the task mapper to take into account the I/O overhead time for interfaces configured with the I/O configuration tool
  • Added capability to edit the base voltage of all buses in a level at once via the Netlist view
  • Added HYPERSIM program size on disk in Windows "Programs and Features" panel
  • Added text labels to clarify how to proceed after working in the I/O interface configuration tool
  • Added help file link for each I/O interface in the I/O interface configuration tool
  • Added support for Group Unit System and Prefix Multiplier on matrices in forms
  • Added a backup file of the TableOut Excel file in TestView before overwriting it
  • Added colors on data point names in the Sensors view to distinguish inputs and outputs
  • Added mean to manually initialize voltage and current values in Network RLC components
  • Added warning message on external control of LCC models to specify that misfiring can't be used in this mode
  • Added a diagnostic on Windows 10 to validate if the Samba v1 client is installed
  • Added X and pin buttons to manage bottom/top tables in the I/O interface configuration tool
  • Added new components "GTO + Diode" and "Thyristor + Diode" to standard library
  • Added Wideband line/cable fitter component in Network Lines and Cables library
  • Added content comparison with previous license file before installing a new target license
  • Added Z-based transformers current sensors for secondary and tertiary windings
  • Added new components "4-winding, 1-ph", "4-winding, 1-ph w/ sat" and "4-winding, 1-ph, w/ sat" to standard library


  • Improved protection example model Distance 21 POTT usability
  • Improved default repository used in file browsers in several cases
  • Improved generic performance and usability of the I/O interfaces configuration tool
  • Improved license information displayed by the simulation server
  • Improved line parameters validation when comparing double values in HyperView Line tool
  • Improved software stability when changing network interface or IP address, e.g. when changing from cable to WiFi or changing WiFi location
  • Improved load flow report to provide an internal voltage value that considers Xd and Xq
  • Refactored the I/O interface configuration tool for better functionality
  • Refactored the Netlist view for better functionality
  • Refactored the Target manager for better functionality


  • Fixed Network Machines - Synch. machine (dq0-hydraulic) form: Isat and phiSat are now automatically updated
  • Fixed "State-space" form issue with initial conditions
  • Fixed component categories in ScopeView and the Netlist view to match the standard libraries
  • Fixed issue where an OPREC file opened in two different ways was treated by ScopeView as two different sources
  • Fixed TestView Hide and OK buttons in the Scope window while processing
  • Fixed data logger incorrect use of the calculation step and execution time step
  • Fixed simulation crash when using Continuous acquisition in ScopeView
  • Fixed diode, GTO, thyristor and thyristor back-to-back forms and pins
  • Fixed issue in the I/O interface configuration tool where certain table entries were being hidden
  • Fixed wrong pin type and location in "LCC inverter oriented (avg)"
  • Fixed missing mode 3 and 4 default values in "Constant param, 4-ph" line
  • Fixed Z-based transformers current issues when using Y-ground with user-defined impedance or Y-neutral


  • Removed "Bus to ABC" from parts library
  • Removed recordCount parameter from data logger configuration

I/O Interfaces


  • Increased the number of analog inputs and outputs from 128 to 256

C37.118 Master

  • Added support for OPAL-RTLinux 64-bit
  • Broke backward compatibility with configuration via files, the I/O interface configuration tool must be used instead

C37.118 Slave

  • Added support for OPAL-RTLinux 64-bit

DNP3 Master

  • Added support for OPAL-RTLinux 64-bit

DNP3 Slave

  • Added support for OPAL-RTLinux 64-bit


  • Added support for a faster and more automated means of connecting to and synchronizing remote I/O over fiber optics
  • Added support for configuration via GUI
  • Added support for PWM inputs and outputs

Signal Generator

  • Added support for configuration via GUI


  • Added support for configuration via GUI

FPGA-Based Simulation

  • OPAL-RT brings together its two most powerful solvers to get the best of both worlds. You can now run simulations with time steps in the nanosecond range thanks to our FPGA-based solver.

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