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HYPERSIM Quick Start | Troubleshooting

 Q: What should I do if blocks cannot be moved, added or edited?

A: Make sure that your design is not in read-only mode: right-click the design (without selecting a component), choose Properties… and uncheck Read Only.

Adding or removing Read Only mode

 Q: What should I do if map tasks do not work when using I/O?

Map Tasks error message

A: These are some possible causes:

  • Simulation preference may be set to Offline instead of Real-Time.
  • Another simulation using I/O is already running. RT Monitor can be used to verify whether this is the case.
  • I/O-type and/or I/O-Number do not correspond to the values in the .io I/O configuration file.
  • I/O configuration files are set incorrectly (also in the .io file).
 Q: What should I do if no analog or digital input signal is received in ScopeView?

A: Verify the integrity of the output signals. If the model is stable, they should not be zero.

  • Verify that sensors have been loaded correctly. The Map Tasks output in the terminal window should list all programmed I/O sensors.
  • Verify that the loopback cables have been connected correctly to the back of the simulator.

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