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Impedance Measurement | Supported Features and Limitations

Supported Features

  • The network impedance feature measures the equivalent admittance for each frequency seen from the specific bus.

  • The results (module and angle) are either displayed on a graph or as a table.

  • The impedance calculation is done using the initial states of the switches.

  • Voltage sources are shorted using their internal impedances while power sources are disconnected from the circuit (open circuit).

  • Synchronous machines will be automatically replaced by a ground shunt impedance:

    • R = Ra

    • L = 0.5*(Xd2 + Xq2)


  • The circuit analysis must have been done beforehand
  • Only direct sequence is supported
  • Single-phase elements are ignored
  • Items connected to a bus with a nominal voltage of 0 are ignored
  • The first segment (linear) is considered for non-linear elements

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