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C37.118 Master | Supported Features and Limitations

Supported Features

  • Supports simulation on Windows and Linux
  • IEEE Std C37.118.2-2011 compliant
  • One driver instance can connect many PMUs
  • Supports TCP only, UDP only or TCP and UDP
  • Supports binding to a specific network interface
  • Supports automatic data request or manual start of data transmission
  • Supports automatic handling of phasor factor and digital masks
  • Supports RTA mode simulation on Windows systems
  • Support legacy configuration mode (using .io and .opal configuration files).


  • It operates asynchronously from the model simulation step. It will try to receive data as fast as possible and provide it to the simulation.
  • It needs to be configured manually by knowing in advance how the PMU is configured (see C37.118 Master | Configuration).
  • It cannot receive PMU configuration frame 3 (CFG-3).
  • It cannot receive encrypted data (SSL)

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