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HYPERSIM Release Notes: 2019.3



  • Added support for MATLAB R2019a and R2019b
  • Added a new PV component including a database from the California Energy Commission providing parameter values for 1000s of commercial cells

  • Added 6-phase FD line component
  • Added pin to access the auto-transformer tertiary for external impedance
  • Added several VSC components
    • 2-level converter (switching function)
    • 2-level converter (switching devices)
    • 3-level NPC converter (switching function)
    • 3-level NPC converter (switching devices)
    • Full-bridge converter (switching function)
    • Full-bridge converter (switching devices)
    • Boost converter (switching function)
  • Added "How to" example model for load flow
  • Added cyber-physical example model
  • Added Diagnostic panel in Target Manager to help fix target setup issues
  • Added GUI to edit UCM files
  • Added editable timeout in Simulation Settings/Advanced to manage simulation initialization and stopping sequences
  • Added capability to export data to CSV format in ScopeView


  • Improved workflow using snapshots


  • Fixed issue with Testview when saving snapshots to file
  • Fixed need for administrative rights to launch the HYPERSIM installer
  • Fixed issue when importing an EDD file twice in the same design
  • Fixed issue with Squirrel Cage Induction Machine when connected directly to a converter
  • Fixed displayed angle unit to degree in load flow input data report
  • Fixed issue in ScopeView with Data Logger live acquisition where Play and Stop buttons were simultaneously enabled

I/O Interfaces

IEC 61850

  • Improved ICD file parsing when element names are duplicated
  • Fixed validation of uniqueness of GOOSE messages done using the MAC address in combination with the AppID


  • Added support for OPAL-RTLinux 64-bit
  • Added support for configuration via GUI

FPGA-Based Simulation

  • Added support of PMSM Variable DQ machine
  • Added support of SCIM machine
  • Added support of DFIM machine
  • Added support for new form factor eHSx16
  • Improved bitstream selection workflow
  • Fixed issue using eHS on OPAL-RTLinux 64-bit

Communication Network Simulation

  • Improved installation workflow by automating the configuration of virtual interfaces upon installing HYPERSIM

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