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EXata CPS Configurator | Configuration

Accessing the I/O Interface Configuration

The EXata CPS Configurator can be set up in the I/O Interface Configuration tool that is accessible from the HYPERSIM ribbon.

See the following link for more information on the general use of the I/O Interface Configuration.

General Configuration

EXata Network Interface

Enter the network interface card to be linked with EXata.

The network interface will be migrated into the network namespace of EXata during the load of the model.
During the migration, the configured IP address of the interface is kept as is. The gateway, if configured in the main route table, will also be preserved.

A proper interface name should be selected based on the information given by the Linux command "ip a". If the network interface name does not exist, the load of the model will fail.

This network interface will become unavailable to the system during the simulation. Make sure that it is not used by another application.

Add ARP Entry

With this option enabled, the next two parameters IP Address and MAC Address must be configured according to the external device to be reached.

An ARP entry will be added to the EXata network interface, increasing the chance to reach the external device.

IP AddressOnly configurable if Add ARP Entry is enabled. This field corresponds to the IP address of the external device to be reached.
MAC AddressOnly configurable if Add ARP Entry is enabled. This field corresponds to the MAC address of the external device to be reached.

Project Configuration

The configuration of the EXata CPS Configurator will only be taken into account if one of these I/O interfaces is configured with a virtual ethernet adapter.

  • C37.118 Slave and Master
  • IEC 60870-5-104 Slave
  • IEC 61850 with GOOSE subscribers or publishers. Sampled Values are not supported with EXata CPS
  • Modbus Slave and Master
  • OPC UA Server

Please refer to EXata CPS documentation for more information on how to configure an I/O interface with EXata.

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