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Applicom S7 | Testing the Driver

The driver can be tested with the help of external tools.

A server application must be used in order to validate that the card is up, running, and exchanging data with server and that the cycles were correctly set up.

The server that will be used is Snap7 server tool.


You have the possibility of downloading Snap7 server from

Connecting using Snap7 Server:

To connect with the Applicom card (Client) running on the simulator using a Snap7 Server, the user only have to fill the IP address of his PLC in the .ply file which correspond to his own PC IP address: is the IP address of the host PC user.

Go to location: snap7-full-1.x.0\rich-demos\x86_64-win64\bin\ and open serverdemo.exe

By running the model, Write Request and Read Request will display in the log, you can filter these requests deselecting corresponding logs in the "Log Mask" tab.

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