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HYPERSIM Release Notes: 6.1.0



  • Added functionality to keep device sensors upon renaming a device
  • Added driver core protection to avoid multiple reservations of the same core upon simulation start
  • Added new driver license mechanism based on total number of data points used by all drivers
  • Added Ok/Apply/Cancel buttons and removed Save/Exit menu items in I/O interfaces configuration tool
  • Added capability to remember window size in sensor view and set Data Logger as the default view
  • Added new license version. A new license file is required with version 6.1
  • Added I/O mode validation, no need to set the I/O sequencing (sendMode) for OpalBoards anymore
  • Added MegaBytes to the available data logger file size limits
  • Added validation of the remaining disk space before writing the data logging file
  • Added new protection relay library with functions 21, 27, 40Q, 50/51, 59, 81 and 87T
  • Added view filters and ability to remember customized view in Sensors form and Selected Summary window
  • Added Global Configuration dialog box in I/O interfaces configuration tool to set the I/O sequencing (sendMode) as well as other options
  • Added external control capability on "Dynamic load"
  • Added "3-winding, 1-ph" to Network Transformers library
  • Added "3-winding, 1-ph w/tap" and "2-winding, 1-ph w/tap" to Network Transformers library
  • Added engine log file for each circuit
  • Added validation of the remaining disk space before starting the simulation
  • Added ability to open data logging record files (OPREC files) in ScopeView directly from Windows
  • Added a Data Source Parameters panel to ScopeView for OPREC files, allowing for navigation through the record
  • Added ability to open OPREC files in ScopeView's file chooser and removed Data Logger tab
  • Added default prefix unit "mega" for PQ mode in parameters form
  • Added the possibility to optimize the mapping of the tasks manually
  • Added validation of the license integrity before installation on Windows
  • Added I/O interfaces configuration tool and updated Sensors form
  • Added Data Logger in Sensors form
  • Added DesignWorks API functions to Python API
  • Added support for reloading FPGA configuration at simulation startup
  • Added State-space example models for single-phase and three-phase systems
  • Added distance relay (21) permissive overreach transfer trip (POTT) TestView example model
  • Added support for MATLAB R2016b and R2017a
  • Added licensing on number of nodes
  • Added a warning when the selected target does not have a valid license
  • Added option to display license content in Windows activation tool
  • Added warning at 15 days of license end on Windows
  • Added tool to compare license content when updating a license on Windows
  • Added option to recover a backed-up license file on Windows
  • Added support for signed integer data for I/O sensors
  • Added handshake between simulation server and thread to improve behavior at simulation stop
  • Added Reset console button to View tab of the ribbon for the user to reopen or clear the model consoles
  • Added OP4510 to standard bitstreams - Traditional I/O (DO, DI, Single TSDO, Single TSDI)
  • Added support for bundle to bundle and pin to bundle connections to the Python API
  • Added support for auto-expanding subcircuit pages when importing an EDD
  • Added loadSensors function to Python API
  • Added support for resetting performance monitoring with the Python API
  • Added support for excluded devices when importing an EDD
  • Added new probes in the SIMOUT log to monitor simulation initialization and deinitialization timings
  • Added support for gcc compiler on Red Hat 32-bit
  • Added preference to enable and disable automatic insertion of Transceiver, ItoF and FtoI block; disabled by default
  • Added console windows to display simulation log (.SIMOUT file)


  • Improved I/O interfaces configuration tool Exit functionality with respect to asking user whether to save changes
  • Improved tooltips in Network Sources library
  • Improved transformers form by disabling accelerator option in Neutral impedance tab
  • Improved transformers tooltips
  • Improved OP4510 standard bitstream
  • Improved UCM documentation: added available global variables
  • Improved ScopeView documentation with more details on the various functions
  • Improved topology analysis report
  • Improved firewall checkbox behavior in the installer
  • Improved "Target output, digital 4" form
  • Improved API documentation
  • Improved "Synch. machine (thermal)" speed regulator diagram in the form
  • Improved "Decoupling element" form usability
  • Improved forms for transformers with tap changer and decoupling element
  • Improved form for 3-ph bus and 1-ph bus


  • Fixed subcircuit mask corruption
  • Fixed many problems in the Sensors form causing loss of configuration
  • Fixed Hyperlink issue preventing code generation with MATLAB R2015a
  • Fixed some issues linked to the device rename functionality
  • Fixed LLC-12pulse form which was not displaying Input sensors for the Firing parameter
  • Fixed CustomView grid construction adding unnecessary spaces at the bottom that might be noticeable depending on the number of columns
  • Fixed issue occurring in Selected Summary window after a data point is renamed
  • Fixed host and target version check bypassed by the API
  • Fixed start/stop button greyed out incorrectly when setting a preference using the API
  • Fixed importing an example model not overwriting the entire example folder when it already exists
  • Fixed issue with multiple definitions of S-function with Hyperlink generated code
  • Fixed failed analysis with models having large attributes in subcircuits
  • Fixed inverted pins for secondary and tertiary on "Zigzag, phase-shifting" transformer
  • Fixed Windows language issue with TestView
  • Fixed issue with version switching on the simulator using the API
  • Fixed equation's result in form that would revert to former value when the simulation starts
  • Fixed execution process (Analyze/ Map Tasks/ Generate Code) that is repeated even when there's no modification to the circuit
  • Fixed simulation infinite loop when using a Hyperlink model in fixed time step that is less than the simulation time step
  • Fixed short CP line issue when automatically converting to PI line
  • Fixed error when trying to add a CustomView to a subcircuit and View directory is not created
  • Fixed ScopeView template sensor assignment for configuration 11
  • Fixed hydraulic turbine diagram and location of Turb_mod parameter in "Synch. machine (hydraulic)" form
  • Fixed acquisition for time step greater than 1 millisecond
  • Fixed "Dynamic Load" lower limit on Kq parameter
  • Fixed Hyperlink multiple time step code generation when there is a space character in the path
  • Fixed EDD importation tool: manual path input works without pressing Enter key and documentation is updated
  • Fixed EDD importation bug when folder name contains "EDD"
  • Fixed TestView hypExcel: Auto Import Data on Play not working
  • Fixed units and default values in Network Sources "AC I source, programmable" and "AC V source, programmable"
  • Fixed disappearing observable with "Circuit breaker, 1-ph" and 3-ph when analyzing network
  • Fixed "Dynamic load" equations displayed in the form
  • Fixed issue with Simulink multiple time step code generation
  • Fixed issue when taking large snapshots
  • Fixed issues with multiple time step code generation in Hyperlink
  • Fixed engine crash when the current source frequency is set to zero
  • Fixed protection on the analysis of an imported MATLAB multiple time step model with a wrong time step
  • Fixed EDD importation when unit contains a space character
  • Fixed Hyperlink multiple time step generation with MATLAB R2014b
  • Fixed parallel code generation producing a compilation error
  • Fixed issue with Runners monitoring never resetting
  • Fixed issue with switch version function on OPAL-RT kernel modules
  • Fixed cable/line data JavaScript error
  • Fixed ribbon that could stay disabled after modifying the design
  • Fixed acquisition error when simulation has a large time step
  • Fixed wrong text in Target output analog form


  • Removed controlled view option
  • Removed "PQ" group unit in "Decoupling element" form
  • Removed UCM unit limitation; it is now possible to enter any custom unit
  • Removed device "Decoupling transformer" from library

I/O Interfaces

C37.118 Master

  • Added support for configuration via GUI

C37.118 Slave

  • Added support for RTA simulation mode in Windows
  • Added timestamp initialization to system time when using local synchronization source

IEC 60870-5-104 Slave

  • Improved performance
  • Fixed random disconnection of TCP communication

IEC 61850

  • Added support for OPAL-RTLinux 64-bit
  • Added support for configuration via GUI
  • Added support for simulation bit
  • Added support for configuration through the I/O interfaces configuration tool
  • Added capability to manipulate the data integrity (loss of data, duplication, delay and more) of Sampled Values streams
  • Added "IEC 61850 data integrity" component to Control Power Tools library
  • Improved timing precision when transmission is synchronized by Oregano card
  • Fixed order of data attributes in GOOSE messages

IEC 62056 Master

  • Fixed documentation

OPAL-RT Boards

  • Added UI to configure the target analog and digital I/O


  • Added support for configuration via GUI
  • Added support of new profiles in PTP mode

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