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HYPERSIM Release Notes: 6.1.3



  • Added warning message enabling the precision valve in switches and controllers
  • Added Control Exciters: IEEE DC2A, IEEE DC3A, IEEE ST2A; Control Governors: IEEE TGOV2; Control Stabilizers: IEEE PSS2B, IEEE PSS3B to standard libraries
  • Added real-time simulation mode to the Windows platform
  • Added Benchmarks example models 
  • Added capability to configure the IP address used by the engine when using the continuous acquisition mode in ScopeView
  • Added a preference to disable transceiver validation during Analyze
  • Added support for MATLAB R2017b
  • Added continuous acquisition mode support in real time
  • Added capability to run wideband line code in 2 tasks to reduce delay (previously only 3 tasks were possible)
  • Added ability to view the figures in the load flow solution report to 3, 6 or 9 decimal places
  • Added current magnitude and angle for sources and loads to the load flow solution report
  • Added capability to set a negative inductance value in transformers
  • Added a button in ScopeView to show/hide the data source parameters panel and minor UI enhancements
  • Added possibility to add and edit expressions on combobox and radiobutton widgets in forms
  • Added a new and more efficient task mapper, configurable through the Tasks Manager
  • Added button in the Windows activation tool to delete a license backup file
  • Added button in Target Options window to restart services on the target
  • Added "With I/O" and "Without I/O" filters in Sensors form and Selected Summary window
  • Added option to enable/disable automatic transceiver insertion in Simulation Options
  • Added Control Exciters: IEEE ST1A, IEEE AC1A, IEEE AC2A, IEEE AC3A and IEEE AC8B; Control Stabilizers: IEEE PSS1A; Control Governors: IEEE TGOV1 to standard libraries
  • Added a data logging example model


  • Improved user interface in load flow window, including presentation of results in the text area
  • Improved timeout problem with a large number of I/O boards
  • Improved ScopeView API example
  • Improved Hyperlink documentation for data type error in code generation and support of tunable variables
  • Improved ScopeView documentation to include OPREC data logging file
  • Improved checkbox automatic behavior in Sensors form when using the data logger
  • Improved Sensors form by hiding nonassignable drivers depending on the signal type (input/output) and adding colors in column "Type"
  • Improved precision of time length and start time when reading OPREC files in ScopeView
  • Improved license request form by automating machine information generation and adding fields
  • Improved HyWorksApi and ScopeViewApi docstrings and documentation
  • Improved Python API error messages when using a wrong Python version
  • Improved Python API by adding an exception on HyWorksApi.getComponentParameter if the component or parameter does not exist


  • Fixed ScopeView data source not appearing when ScopeView is started at the same time as the simulation
  • Fixed issue with the data logger when checking for remaining disk space on large partitions 
  • Fixed wrong example model default code directory 
  • Fixed Posx.x% signals from Network Transformers "3-winding w/ sat + tap + dec" unavailable in ScopeView
  • Fixed segfault of HyServer when incorrect parameter is set in hyServMain.cfg
  • Fixed Time constant filter inversion of parameters (vd_tf2 and id_tf1) for Network Switches LCC devices
  • Fixed code generation on target for Protection Relays and Machine Controls
  • Increased limits on Vmin value in Network Loads "Dynamic load"
  • Fixed missing file errors that can appear during compilation by upgrading msys to msys2
  • Fixed Analyze issue with large circuits
  • Fixed timeout issue with load flow
  • Fixed inaccurate results when adding I/O Output sensors to electrical elements
  • Fixed issues when reading file paths with characters that are not in the default character set
  • Fixed I/O configuration tool issues when a path contains a special character (e.g. with accent)
  • Fixed issue with automatic transceiver and "Synch. machine (thermal)"
  • Fixed engine crash when there is an empty subcircuit in ECF
  • Fixed Tasks Manager error when doing a manual mapping with I/O
  • Fixed issue with data logging signals on subcircuits
  • Fixed issue with ScopeView when opening an OPREC file more than once
  • Fixed issue with data logging when model name contains a dot
  • Fixed data logging file length when trigger's "Record count" is set to 0
  • Fixed drivers end of asynchronous process when license is invalid
  • Fixed voltage and current sources frequency value when selecting PU option
  • Fixed data logging time step issue when using multiple signal groups
  • Fixed engine crash when entering a wrong IP address in networkConfig.opal
  • Fixed masks that were higher than 768 pixels for lower resolution laptops
  • Fixed EDD import error for the following transformers: "Zigzag, phase-shifting", "3-winding, 1-ph w/sat", "2-winding, 1-ph w/sat"
  • Fixed output signals not equal to 0 on DA port when there's no signal connected from model
  • Fixed protection relay "81 - Frequency" code generation issue on real-time architecture
  • Fixed "Wideband line/cable" loss of engine connection when loading a new .dat file
  • Fixed "Wideband line/cable" issue with short lines running on 2 tasks
  • Fixed issue preventing connection of a breaker status directly to an IEC 60870-5-104 single point output
  • Fixed simulation process priority when executing on windows target to free some core processing for other processes
  • Fixed issue with time step values not properly rounded when generating Hyperlink code for multiple time steps
  • Fixed issue when replacing an OPREC data source in ScopeView
  • Fixed subcircuit mask corruption adding unwanted carriage returns
  • Fixed issue whereby it was possible to set multiple trigger signals in the same signal group via opening separate windows per device
  • Fixed "2-winding, series/series" transformer's net_4 pin not connected to the internal model
  • Fixed "H(s) w/ dynamic limit" device form that was not displayed anymore
  • Fixed "Double value expected" error when there's a new line in HyModelData array parameter
  • Fixed Hyperlink support for MATLAB R2013b to R2015a
  • Fixed subcircuit units not being correctly saved
  • Fixed basic example of Python API
  • Fixed data logger issue whereby some sensors were not being recorded because their signal group was not set to the default group


  • Removed "Control Logic Operations - Buffer, logic" from the library

I/O Interfaces

C37.118 Master

  • Added support for configuration via GUI
  • Added example model
  • Added option to run the driver on a dedicated core
  • Fixed timeout when stopping the simulation

C37.118 Slave

  • Added example model
  • Fixed issue with 50 Hz nominal frequency being overridden with 60 Hz
  • Fixed binding with a specific network interface
  • Fixed use of loopback and wlan network interfaces

IEC 60870-5-104 Slave

  • Added example model
  • Added support for configuration via GUI
  • Fixed data update when no RMS values were configured on floating inputs

IEC 61850

  • Added example model
  • Added support to run the driver on Windows
  • Added option to retrieve both simulation flag and test bit
  • Added option to enable all Sampled Values and GOOSE transmission/reception by default at the beginning of the simulation
  • Added support for fixed-length encoding of GOOSE messages as per IEC 61850-8-1 Ed.2 A.3


  • Added example model
  • Added support for OPAL-RTLinux 64-bit

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