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Spectracom | Testing the Driver

  • The driver can be tested with the example model.
  • Before testing the driver, the user needs to make sure that the Spectracom board is properly detected, that the related device is recognized and that its module is correctly loaded.
  • The user has then to configure the driver with the files explained above.
  • The simulation can be launched in HYPERSIM and the user should see the timestamp incrementing every second, the date should be set properly. When using synchronization, the synchronization flag should become 1.
  • The user can also test IEEE-1588 functionality by using multiple PTP-capable cards in different simulators. One such card has to be configured as the master and the subsequent ones have to be configured as slaves. These cards have to be connected on the same network.
  • FPGA hardware synchronization can be tested by preparing a setup composed of one or multiple targets containing each an FPGA. A “Clock Adapter” (OP5964) board has to be connected in the “master” target. If required, an OP5962 board is to be connected in any other target. These boards have then to be connected to each other with an audio cable.

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