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Task Manager | Summary and Preferences

The Task Manager (accessed from the HYPERSIM Ribbon) enables visualization of network tasks to be simulated in several cores, and processing of manual task programming on processors.

Below. the Task Manager window with input fields.


Preferences contain editable parameters which have an impact on task mapping.

  • Time Step: simulation time step defined by the user.

The Performance factor (value between 0 and 1) is used to calculate the execution time step from the user-defined time step.

Execution time step = performance factor * simulation time step.

  • Processor load level fixes the maximum processor load considered during the task mapping (value between 0 and 1).
  • Processor reservation mode is an optimization for multi-user usage. Dynamic CPU reservation can improve the performance.

Additionally, you can use the new automatic task mapper based on Scotch library with improved performance checking. Use the beta task mapper and set specific parameters.

  • Mapping strategy selects task mapping strategy: load balancing (Balance) or minimizing communications (Quality).
  • Processor imbalance ratio is a load balancing target for the task mapper. Value range is between 0 and 1 (perfectly balanced).
  • Requested # of processors is the user-defined number of processors used by the task mapper. By default (0 value), an optimized one will be computed.

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