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Sequence Manager | Quick Start Guide

Python Script

The Python Script is built accordingly to HYPERSIM's Python API. It is saved as a .py file. Refer to Python API documentation to see all available functions.

To know more about Python compatibility version, see Software Compatibility 

To create a new python script follow the steps below.

  • Open the design file.
  • Click File then New Python... or Click directly on the button New Python Script.
  • Make sure the extension type is a .py, enter the name of the file, and click on Save. Make sure your file has been saved in the desired folder.


In this example, we are going to start the simulation, do an acquisition with ScopeView and finally stop the simulation.

The user must ensure that the design is opened in advance, otherwise the record commands button will not be visible. 

From here, you need to start command registration via the Record Command button in the toolbar.

Performing this manual sequence will result in the following python script.

Now, execute the script by clicking the Play button; make sure the design is already open.

See the results in ScopeView while the simulation is running or in the exported pdf once the execution is over.

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