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HYPERSIM Release Notes: 2020.2




  • Improved user data input in network components by standardizing units of voltage and current
  • Improved user feedback when diagnostic fails during software installation
  • Improved HYPERSIM exiting time
  • Improved diagnostic to gather more logs
  • Improved tripping response time of protection model 81 - Frequency
  • Improved Renewable Energy example models with new PV library model
  • Improved duration of long tooltips to remain as long as the mouse-over


  • Fixed close connection with signal group when the last SignalGroup instance is closed/destroyed with Python API
  • Fixed backward reading of OPREC files when data losses occurred
  • Fixed consecutive data logger acquisitions after frame configuration modifications
  • Fixed data logger pre-trigger reconfiguration while the simulation is running (specific case: original value = 0, new value != 0)
  • Fixed target crash when opening the Data Logger menu while simulation is running on CentOS
  • Fixed unsaved sensor configuration when saving the model
  • Fixed removing UCM definition files from the _hyp folder when the last UCM of its kind is deleted from the model
  • Fixed display issue showing empty sensor list when moving a column in the summary view


  • Removed possibility to manually modify breaker status with CTRL+ALT+RIGHT CLICK when its Control type is set to External and simulation is running

I/O Interfaces

IEC 61850

  • Improved driver to send data types as defined in the .icd file for SV NLE
  • Removed interface pre-configuration when adding a new interface to a project

Modbus Master

  • Fixed issues occurring with error codes 32 and 9

OPAL-RT Boards

  • Added support for MMC UI-based configuration in central systems
  • Fixed display issue showing wrong file when fetching bitstream file information

OPC UA Server

  • Added support for configuration via GUI


  • Improved network interface selection using a text field instead of pre-defined list

FPGA-Based Simulation

  • Added beta functionality to monitor intra-step FPGA signals with ScopeView
  • Added support for spatial harmonics in PMSM
  • Added support for thermal model in switches

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