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This example model can be found in the software under the category "How To" with the file name "Dashboards_for_HVAC.ecf".


This example demonstrates a quick and effective way to create a widget panel to go alongside an HYPERSIM model, using OPAL-RT's Dashboards software.

The model demonstrates a simple case of wave propagation in an AC transmission system. What's interesting is that using a screenshot and a few widgets, the Dashboards panel easily adds visualization and control to the model.

Dashboards can be access with this button in the HYPERSIM ribbon.

Click here to learn more about Dashboards.

This model can run either on the localhost or the real-time simulator.

Simulation and Results

Starting the simulation

Running the simulation can be done within Dashboards or, the classic way, in HYPERSIM. In Dashboards, look for the upper right corner to find the play/stop icon:

Interacting with Dashboards 

First, navigate to the Panel through the Navigation Pane on the left:

Second, activate the Operate mode via the button on the top right of the canvas:

The panel can be interacted with. There are a few things to try:

  1. The button "Trig a fault" will launch a pre-configured fault. This configuration is done in the fault and breakers blocks in HYPERSIM.

  2. There are two switches that enable/disable the breaker operation. Flipping these will give a different fault feedback:

Different results

There are two Quick Graphs in this Panel, the top one is configured as a continuous acquisition, the bottom one only displays the fault period, with a trigger condition set on the "trigout" data point available with every POOQ blocks.

Adding widgets and explore Dashboards' possibilities

This example model is a canvas to try out other widgets available in Dashboards.

Please refer to this page to explore how to add and connect widgets.

Please refer to this one to connect widgets to your data points of interest. These are mirroring the sensor file in the HYPERSIM interface.

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