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OP5355-OP5356 - 32 Digital Output - RS422 or LVDS

Legacy product : we no longer sell this product. Contact your local representative for details and replacement product.

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The OP5355 and OP5356 modules feature 32 high-speed differential output channels compliant to RS-422 or LVDS standard.

Three options are available:

  • OP5355: LVDS outputs

  • OP5356-3: 3V RS-422 outputs

  • OP5356-5: 5V RS-422 outputs

Main Features

  • 32 differential output channels organized into two banks of 16 channels each

  • Galvanic isolation

  • RS-422 or LVDS voltage levels depending on the module selected

Channel Description

The schematic below represents the electrical circuit of one channel. The signal driven by the FPGA of the simulator goes through stages: level-shifting, galvanic isolation, and RS-422 or LVDS driver.

Typical Use Cases

Respecting the RS-422 or LVDS standards, the modules are perfectly suited for long-distance signaling.
They have been tested with up to 30 m cables from the simulator to the unit under test.

For compatibility of this card, please consult the Hardware compatibility table.

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