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Declaration of Conformity CE | OPAL-RT SLSC Boards

Manufacturer Name/Address:

OPAL-RT Technologies Inc.

1751 Richardson suite 2525, Montreal,

QC H3K 1G6 Canada 

This declaration of conformity is issued under the sole responsibility of: OPAL-RT Technologies Inc.

Product Model/Product


OP8911-F & OP8911-N

OP8913-F & OP8913-N

OP8915-F & OP8915-N

OP8931-F & OP8931-N

OP8932-F & OP8932-N

OP8933-F & OP8933-N

OP8934-F & OP8934-N

OP8935-F & OP8935-N

OP8940-F & OP8940-N

OP8926-F & OP8926-N

Product Description

Digital and Analog Input and Output cards with optional fault insertion capability connected in the Switch Load and Signal Conditioning (SLSC) chassis from National Instruments intended for indoor use only.

Ratings: 24V 15%, DC, 1.2 A max, 25W max, pollution degree 2

Product Category

Electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use.

Conformity with the Relevant Community Harmonization Legislation

  • 2014/30/EU - Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive
  • 2014/35/EU - Low Voltage Directive
  • 2011/65/EU - Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS) directive
  • 2012/19/EC -Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive

References to the standards in relation to which conformity is declared



Test Specifications


EN61326-1 (2013) / IEC61326 (2012)

FCC part 15 (2020) subpart B

ICES-003 (2016) + Update (2019)

Conducted Emissions: Class A 150kHz-30MHz

Radiated Emissions: Class A 30MHz -1GHz

EN55011 (2016) A1(2017)

CISPR11 (2015)A1 (2016)

Conducted Emissions: Group 1 - class A 150kHz-30MHz

Radiated Emissions: Group 1 - class A 30MHz-1GHz


EN61000-4-2 (2009)

IEC61000-4-2 (2008)

Contact: ±4kV Air: ±2kV, ±4kV, ±8kV

EN61000-4-3 (2006) A1(2007) A2 (2010)

IEC61000-4-3 (2006) A1(2008) A2(2010)

80MHz-1000MHz: 10V/m

1.4GHz-2GHz: 3V/m

2GHz-2.7GHz: 1V/m

EN61000-4-4 (2012)

IEC61000-4-4 (2012)

Power: ±2kV / 5kHz

I/O Ports: N/A

Communication Ports (Ethernet): ±1kV/ 5kHz

EN61000-4-5 (2014)

IEC61000-4-5 (2014)

Power: ±2kV L-PE / ±1kV L-L

I/O Ports: N/A

Communication Ports: N/A

EN61000-4-6 (2014)

IEC61000-4-6 (2013)

Power: 3V

I/O Ports: N/A

Communication Ports (Ethernet): 3V

EN61000-4-8 (2010)

IEC61000-4-8 (2009)

Continuous Field: 3Nm / 50Hz & 60Hz

EN61000-4-11 (2004) A1 (2017)

IEC61000-4-11 (2004)A1 (2017)

Voltage dips:
0%Un during half cycle
0%Un during 1 cycle
40%Un during 10 cycles (at 50Hz) 
40%Un during 12 cycles (at 60Hz)
70%Un during 25 cycles (at 50Hz)
70%Un during 30 cycles (at 60Hz)

Short interruptions:
0%Un during 250 cycles (at 50Hz)
0%Un during 300 cycles (at 60Hz)


EN 61010-1 / IEC 61010 Edition 3.1 2017-01

OPAL-RT TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. | 1751, rue Richardson, bureau 1060 | Montréal, Québec Canada H3K 1G6 | | +1 514-935-2323