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Power Electronics Add-On 1.10.0

  • Added support for certain advanced parameters that are tunable while the simulation is running for the following machine models and sensors:

    • Dual PMSM BLDC in Variable Ld/Lq Mode

    • Dual PMSM SH

    • Resolvers (for all machines)

  • Added the ability to configure the initial mechanical angle of the PMSM BLDC machine

  • Added support for the Hardware Configuration Manager which allows the user to duplicate an existing hardware configuration onto multiple targets as well as delete, import, and export hardware configurations

  • Improved the user experience of the Circuit Model import process by adding additional information alerting the user on the state of the circuit file and the state of the import process

  • Archived the following Hardware Configurations:

    • Dual_eHSx64_Quad_PMSM_VDQ_IO_Dual_7868R

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