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Installing RT-LAB on an OPAL-RT Simulator

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This section describes the installation of RT-LAB target components on an OPAL-RT simulator. In other words, it includes installation information for target nodes that are running on OPAL-RTLinux (x86- based) real-time operating systems. OPAL-RT simulators already have RT-LAB installed on them. This section only applies to users that want to install a new version of RT-LAB.

Note: A license is needed to use a target node. For more information, read Activating a License on the Target Node.

Installing RT-LAB on the Target Node

Installing from RT-LAB on the Windows Command Station

As soon as it is needed, RT-LAB will prompt you to install the new version of the software on the target.

Simply accept to upgrade the target node automatically.

To force the installation:

  • Open RT-LAB.

  • Right-click on the target you want to install RT-LAB.

  • Select Install/RT-LAB from the popup menu.

Installing from the Network on an OPAL-RTLinux (x86-based) target node

To install from the network:

  • Open Windows Explorer, and go to C:\OPAL-RT\RT-LAB\vX.X.X.X\target\redhawk.

  • Open a second Windows Explorer window.

  • Enter in the address bar, ntuser in the username field, and ntuser in the password field.

    • Note that, in this example, is the target node’s IP address.

  • You are now connected by FTP to your compilation node.

  • Copy the RT-LAB archive file rtlab-redhawk-[version_name].rpm by dragging and dropping from the first window to the second.

  • Connect to the target node by telnet (i.e. Start>Run> telnet and login as root.

  • Type the following command to install RT-LAB:
    rpm -ivh --force /home/ntuser/rtlab-redhawk-[version_name].rpm

Uninstalling RT-LAB

Uninstalling from the RT-LAB GUI

To uninstall from the RT-LAB GUI:

  • Open RT-LAB.

  • Double-click the target to open the Target Editor.

  • Open the Software Page.

  • Select the version to uninstall.

  • Click Uninstall.

Uninstalling from the Network on an OPAL-RTLinux (x86-based) target node

To manually uninstall:

  • Connect to the OPAL-RTLinux (x86-based) target node by telnet (i.e. Start>Run> telnet and login as root. Note that is the target node’s IP address.

  • Type the following command:
    rpm -e rtlab-redhawk-[version_name]

Please note that you can list the installed RT-LAB versions by typing the following command:
# rpm -qa | grep rtlab

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