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Misc. | AMOD

This functions output modal analysis of a single input signal.

Misc. | CIRCLE

Outputs a circle


Outputs the clearing time by computing difference between a network signal and a state signal related to their respective threshold.


Output the time at which the signal cross the threshold depending on direction and slope parameter.

Misc. | ENV

Outputs the upper, lower or absolute envelope of a set of three input signals

Misc. | ENV PEAK

Outputs the peak value of the input (peak of envelope). The function displays output only if the next sample of the input is greater than or equal to previous peak identified.

Misc. | ENV PP

Outputs the envelope of the phase-to-phase differences of a 3-phase signal

Misc. | I 2 T

Outputs the product of the simulation time step and square of the input signal.

Misc. | LENGTH

Outputs the number of samples of the input signal

Misc. | LIM

Outputs the input signal over a given range

Misc. | MAXF

Outputs the maximum finite value of the input signal

Misc. | MINF

Outputs the minimum finite value of the input signal

Misc. | OPTIME

Returns up to 6 time values crossing the threshold in function of the direction selection.

Misc. | PERIOD

Outputs sample period used for data acquisition.

Misc. | POWER

Outputs the instantaneous power of an input voltage and current

Misc. | POWER3PH

Computes the active and reactive power of a three phase element by using voltages and currents.

Misc. | RAMP

Outputs a ramp function

Misc. | RATE

Outputs the acquisition sampling rate.


Outputs the time where the input signal value pass a given threshold

Misc. | VERSUS

Outputs one signal vs another signal

Misc. | XFIRST

Outputs the sampling time of the first data in the acquisition buffer.

Misc. | XLAST

Outputs the sampling time of the last data in the acquisition buffer.

Misc. | XSHIFT

Outputs the input signal with a time shift.

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