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OpFcn Digital Out Gated




This block controls a subset of the channels of one ASM board. In such, there can be up to 16 blocks for each ASM board, each block representing one channel of the ASM board. Each one acts on its assigned channels tension divider to get the desired output at the pin-outs. It also manages the overcurrent and overheating faults that might occur on its channel.


ControllerNameEach functionality block such as the OpFcnDigitalOutGated block must refer to an OpCtrl block such as the OpCtrl AnalogSensorModule block, that will manage the data transfer with the IO board. The binding between OpFcn and OpCtrl blocks is performed via the use of the Controller name that each OpCtrl block uniquely defines. In this case, the controller name could be 'ASM' in both blocks. This binding is checked during the initialization phase of the model. If no OpCtrl block is found that defines the same Controller Name as this OpFcnDigitalOutGated block, the OpFcnDigitalOutGated block is simply disabled and returns 0s.

The image below shows an example of a controller name, here 'ASM', used with success.

Selection of FunctionalitiesThis field is used to determine which analog output the OpFcnDigitalOutGated block is tied to. For the example above, the block refers to the channel 15 and drives the OUT_A15 output pin, it has a 15 typed in this field. The 12 in the example refers to the 12th iteration of the OpFcnDigitalOutGated block, not the channel it drives.


ValsThis input is the gain that the I/O board must use to generate the analog output.
AckThis input is to acknowledge faults. This means that if a fault has previously been flagged the channel receives this signal to confirm that it should stay deactivated.


Curr. ValsThis output gives the value the hardware could approximate from the Vals input. Since the hardware as a 12 bits precision, it is possible that the input field can differ slightly.
FaultsThis field outputs if there was a fault detected on the channel. A fault can be due to overcurrent, overheating, etc.

Characteristics and Limitations

Connector Pin Assignments

The user should refer to the documentation of the IO board or he should see the OpCtrl AnalogSensorModule help page.

Note: Characteristics and limitations of the ASM can be found on the OpCtrl AnalogSensorModule help page.

Direct FeedthroughNo
Discrete sample timeYes
XHP supportNo
Work offlineNo

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