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RT-LAB | Release Notes 2020.1

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Features & Enhancements

  • Added a DataViewer button in the main RT-LAB toolbar, adjacent to the ScopeView icon

  • Added an internal logger to the RT-LAB interface

  • Added support for 4 ASM cards on the OP6000

  • Added autoconnection feature in the project configuration view. (see RT-LAB Help for more details.)

  • C37.118 Master: Added option for configuration of local UDP port (DRV-3318)

  • CAN: Added option to dynamically control the cyclic rate of transmitted messages (DRV-3261)

  • Changed Number of CPUs to Number of Cores when displaying target details

  • Decommissioned MATLAB versions below R2015b.

  • ePHASORSIM: Addition of description for HVDC parameters in PHASOR-11 (EPTT-42)

  • ePHASORSIM: All Excel files with versions lower than v1.6 have been obsoleted. Be advised that V1.6 and V1.7 will be discontinued in the next release.

  • ePHASORSIM: Dropped the support of Matlab versions lower than R2015b (EPTT-112)

  • ePHASORSIM: Error reporting for inconsistency in license keys (EPTT-113)

  • ePHASORSIM: New design for the mask of Solver block (EP-693)

  • ePHASORSIM: New feature to replace FMUs with native library exclusively in case of PSS/e input files

  • ePHASORSIM: Updated and revised user guide (EP-1640)

  • Improved responsiveness for opening projects containing more than 10,000 aliases and IO connections

  • OPAL-RT Board: Added support for .opbin bitstream description file (DRV-3270)

  • OPAL-RT Board: Added support for PWM synchronized AIN (DRV-3243)

  • OPAL-RT Board: Added support for the OP5334 card (DRV-3265 and DRV-3266)

  • OPAL-RT Board: Added support for TSBIn (Digital In Average) (DRV-3244)

  • OPAL-RT Board: Improved handling mechanism for .opal/.bin/.opbin files (DRV-3294)

  • PICKERING: Added support for 50-298-020 and 50-110A-021 cards (DRV-3323 and DRV-3324)

  • Provided Orchestra dynamic library for co-simulation

  • Re-introduced the web service where license encryptions are sent to Support (and updated the address to contact in case of error)

  • Removed the Orchestra Dymola block from the block library

  • ScopeView: Added ability to load OPACQ sources after Open with ScopeView actions

  • ScopeView: Fixed incorrect trigger configuration after a reconnection

  • ScopeView: Improved the reconnection to OPACQ sources between two runs

  • ScopeView: Trigger parameters are now grayed-out if no trigger is detected

  • Support included for MATLAB R2019 a/b. (Note that MATLAB R2019b is no longer supported on Windows 7.)

  • Support of floating licenses for the RT-LAB and ARTEMIS core(s)

  • Support of Mingw compiler for Windows model

  • Update LabVIEW API example to be compatible with the supported versions of LabVIEW (> 2012)

  • Updated example model for MATLAB 2015b, with .slx format

  • Updated RT-LAB user documentation

  • Updated RT-LAB user online Help

Bug Fixes

  • ARINC429: Fixed issue with BNR data resolution

  • CAN: Changed the way received CAN frames are stored in memory so that data accuracy is not lost (DRVTT-1037)

  • CAN: multiple connections now appear for one block

  • CAN: Provided a way to swap the gain/offset calculation (DRV-3262)

  • DNP3: Fixed issue with negative values transmitted or received (DRVTT-865)

  • Enhanced the robustness of the Close Project functionality

  • ePHASORSIM: Resolved the conflicts in the name of functions in common with MATLAB, deg2rad and rad2deg (EPTT-145)

  • Fixed number of connections displaying in the configuration view of RT-LAB when trying to disconnect the selection

  • IEC 61850: Fixed validation of uniqueness of GOOSE messages performed using the MAC address in combination with the AppID (DRVTT-942)

  • IEC 61850: Improved ICD file parsing when element names are duplicated (DRVTT-891)

  • IEC61850: Fixed import of projects created on a different host (DRVTT-934)

  • Improved performance of load/reset project where it contains LabVIEW panels

  • Improved performance of the DataViewer to support more than 3,000 signals per signal group

  • Improved Stop function of DataLogger Tool to avoid generating zombie processes on the target

  • IO no longer duplicated after opening a project

  • Made RT-LAB 2020.1 and above compatible with eHS Gen3 x64 or eHS Gen3 x128

  • Modbus: Fixed loading of slave driver in RTU mode on the OP4200 (DRVTT-991)

  • Offline mode on OpWriteFile block has been fixed

  • OPAL-RT Board: Fixed default values of AO signals (DRVTT-1046)

  • OPAL-RT Board: Fixed for how synchronization types work (DRVTT-1035)

  • OPAL-RT Board: Fixed for initial phase not working when 'Complementary Output' is checked (DRVTT-940)

  • Removed info.xml file from the toolbox for MATLAB R2013b

  • Values returned by getSignalsByName are now in the correct order

  • Working sets should no longer disappear randomly

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