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RT-LAB | Release Notes 2020.4


New Features & Enhancements

  • Pickering: Added support for PCI precision resistor card 50-297-020

  • Orchestra: Added support for unidirectional transfer in synchronous mode

  • Orchestra: Added support for states=yes for the client SFunction

Bug Fixes

  • FPGA SFunction: Fixed DataOUT port number that was not checked offline for the PWMIn, EncoderIn and ResolverIn blocks

  • Orchestra: Fixed loss of isolation at reset for the client SFunction

  • Orchestra Ethernet: Improvements to asynchronous mode

  • Pickering: Fixed default value not being applied for resistive channels

  • MIL-STD-1553: Fixed broken Matlab link in the Error Injection example model


New Features & Enhancements

  • RT-LAB interface is now in 64 bits

  • Orchestra Ethernet: Added support for Orchestra over Ethernet

  • FPGA SFunction drivers: Added support for 64 ports DataIN and DataOUT for VC707 and TE0741 (OP4510)

Bug Fixes

  • RT-LAB support for Windows scaling up to 300

  • Removed Simulink cache (*.slxc) before compiling a model

  • Fixed concurrency issue when loading two models or more

  • Fixed disconnect selected connections from configuration view

  • DNP3: Fixed error at reset

  • CAN: Fixed error with shared memory size

  • CAN: Removed validation check on the initial and minimum value parameters as per CAN standards

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