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RT-LAB | Release Notes 2021.3


New features

  • EXata: Improve configuration workflow by adding a new I/O interface dedicated to linking network interface cards to EXata

  • EtherCAT Master: Add support for the Beckhoff EL2652 module

Bug fixes

  • FPGA drivers: Fix inability to program the OP5033XG chassis' FPGA when it has the SAFE bitstream loaded

  • FPGA drivers: Fix issues occurring while enumerating FPGAs on OPAL-RTLinux platforms

  • OPAL-RT Board: Fix the connections structure of the OP5330 card when it is used with a configurable rate

  • OPAL-RT Board: Fix OP5369 and OP5330 (used with a configurable rate) configuration issues when these are used exclusively in Schematic Editor


Bug fixes

  • OPAL-RT Board: Fix use of Synchronized Analog In (RCP) feature when used with the digital bidirectional card OP5369


New features

  • Dolphin: Add preliminary support for the PXH830 card on the OPAL-RTLinux 3.x (x64-based) platform to be used as a real-time communication link between subsystems

Bug fixes

  • Fix UDP/IP real-time communication link between subsystems when running on OPAL-RTLinux 3.x platforms

  • OPAL-RT Board: Fix failure to load models when using the Encoder IN/OUT functionality

  • ePHASORSIM : Fix Multiphase Transformer I/O pins "tap" which was not accessible as an output


Bug fixes

  • LabView panels connections not properly loaded.


New features

  • Make diagnostic report compatible with OPAL-RTLinux, add collect of RAM and Motherboard informations.

  • Add logs in case of MingW setup failure and improve user feedback.

  • Support LabView 2020 (Compatibility made for TDNG and TestDrive 2.9)

  • Virtualized use of multiple drivers:

    • ARINC429

    • C37.118 Slave

    • C37.118 Master

    • CAN

    • DIANE

    • DNP3 Slave

    • DNP3 Master

    • IEC60870-5-104 Slave

    • IEC61850

    • MODBUS Slave

    • MODBUS Master

    • OPAL-RT Board

    • OPC-UA Server


    • SCPI

    • Synchronization (Oregano)

    • TCP-UDP 

    • Triphase

  • OP5330: Added support for new card in S-function drivers and OPAL-RT Board

  • OP5369: Added support for new card in S-function drivers and OPAL-RT Board

  • Mezzanine Option S-function: Added block to configure the thresholds of the OP5369 card

  • Common S-function FPGA drivers: Added possibility to disable strict hardware mismatch validation

  • IEC60870-5-104 Slave: Added support for Windows

  • PICKERING: Added support for the 40-295-121-10/16-S97 card

  • OPAL-RT Board: Added support for the OP5033-XG Artix7 board (OP5143 standalone)

  • MIL-STD-1553: Extended automatic data ready management to include error injection inputs of the OpAsync_1553_RT_Send block

Bug fixes

  • Improve target management in RT-LAB.

  • Improve error reporting when a model failed to load.

  • Add robustness at RT-LAB start to avoid corrupted workspace.

  • Improve RT-LAB Python API documentation : ImportConnection, FindObjectId, AddToSelection, RemoveFromSelection, GetObjectType, , GetSelectedModel, AddTarget

  • Improve feed back when trying to setup RT-LAB on a centos target (not supported anymore)

  • Fix bug in RT-LAB to avoid remaining OpalD process on the target.

  • Add robustness in model compilation after a failure (refer to handle on .sep and .map files)

  • Check RT-LAB version when trying to flash a bitstream.

  • EXata: Improved network setup on OPAL-RTLinux

  • ARINC429: Fixed memory corruption issues when clearing reception buffers

  • ARINC429: Fixed link to help page

  • DIANE: Improved CPU usage of the asynchronous component

  • DIANE: Fixed shared memory clean up after reset

  • DNP3 Slave: Fixed how initial values were applied

  • DNP3 Master: Fixed how initial values were applied

  • MODBUS Master: Fixed cycle rate

  • MODBUS Master: Fixed crash at reset

  • OPAL-RT Board: Fixed detection issues for VC707 and OP4520 remotes

  • OPAL-RT Board: Fixed intermittent problem of chassis configured not matching chassis searched

  • OPAL-RT Board: Fixed license issues when central and remotes were split among multiple subsystems

  • SCPI: Fixed command end-of-line issues for certain power supplies

  • FPGA drivers: Fixed detection problems of VC707 boards; fixed enumeration issues for all board types


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