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BERTA Control Mode Training Example

No Load Application

  • Start the Certification application

No Loads Operation at Start of Test

  • Undock the panel at left (),
  • Click on Certify_2 button (the panel title bar will display Certify_2)
  • Increase the speed (click once on Increase speed button)

Initial Values at Start of Test

  • Return to Certify_1 and click on the Graphic 1 tab
  • Check the graphs to verify No Load operation stability
  • The curves should stabilize in a few seconds after several oscillations.

Display During Simulated Speed Stabilization

Synchronous Network Operation

  • Wait until speed stabilizes
  • Switch to synchronous mode using the Operating Mode button at the far right of the graphs
  • Change the Increase_servos set point. Click and hold the button for 15 seconds to increase the servomotors by 0.5
  • In the Generic PID Speed Governor panel, increase the PID’s maximum limit to 1000 (Figure 67)
  • Increase the gain integrator’s maximum value (Gi max) to 1000
  • Increase the permanent droop (Bp) to 0.050
  • Return to Certify_1 and view the results in Graphic 1, 2 and 3 panels
  • The servomotors command must reach the BERTA reference “dxref berta”
  • The speed does not change (Graphic 3 panel),
  • Increase the Increase_servos set point again. Click and hold the button for 9 seconds to increase the servomotors by 0.3 (target set point: 0.8)
  • View the new results in the Certify_1 graphic panels.

Islanded Operation

Once the synchronous operation is stabilized, switch to Islanded operation.

  • The servomotors command increases
  • The reference does not change
  • The frequency varies
  • Gradually decrease the dPO to zero p.u.,
  • The servomotors command is nearing the reference
  • The speed stabilizes at 1.0
  • The frequency is stable

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