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BERTA Start Up

  • Install the required cables.
  • Power up the real-time workstation by turning on the switch on the back panel and pressing the red Power button on the front panel.

Real-Time Workstation

  • Connect the communication cable from the PC to the real-time workstation.
  • Power up the PC.
  • Click on the TestDrive TestDrive Icon icon on your desktop. The TestDrive startup banner is displayed briefly.
  • Once the software is loaded, the Login window opens.

Login Window

  • Select the Username from the drop-down list, type your password and click OK. The Configurations window opens.

Configurations Window

  • Select the desired BERTA configuration from the drop-down list in the Configurations window.
  • Validate the identification of the simulator under Mapped Target.
  • If required, change the identification using Targets from the Options button.
  • Make sure that the Work Offline box is not checked.
    Click OK.
  • Normally, users should not compile the model.
  • However, if a compilation was done since the last session, a message is displayed asking the user to confirm whether to:
    • Keep current defaults: keeps the model parameters used in the previous build.
    • Use recompiled model defaults: keeps and saves the most recent model parameters.

Compiling Message

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