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OPAL-RT’s RT-LAB Platform


RT-LAB represents a complete software environment that integrates OPAL-RT’s simulators with the powerful graphical, model-based capabilities of MATLAB’s SIMULINK. The process of having a SIMULINK model running in the OPAL-RT simulator is very illustrative of the functionality and capacities of the RT- LAB software. This process can be summarized in the following sequence:

  • A model is created in SIMULINK.
  • Basic formatting and separation operations are carried out on the SIMULINK model to create sub-systems that are suitable for RT-LAB’s
  • RT-LAB’s proprietary SIMULINK blocks are added to the model to allow communication among the various sub-systems within the model and between the model and the IO channels.
  • The model is compiled, and the resulting C code is loaded into the real-time simulator.
  • Once the model is running in the real-time simulator a SIMULINK-based interface (i.e., console) is created to give the user access to the signals and parameters within the


  • The interface between OPAL-RT’s real-time simulators and MATLAB’s GUI is provided
  • Conversion (via MATLAB’s Real-time Workshop) of SIMULINK models into C code suitable for real-time execution.
  • Multi-core, multi-target capability allows execution of highly complex models in multiple simulators while meeting rigorous low latency
  • On-line model configuration capabilities, namely:
  • Model parameters modification
  • Data logging configuration
  • System performance monitoring

The full capacities and functionality of RT-LAB are too extensive to be listed in this guide. User of the RCP-EC2K kit is referred to the comprehensive documentation available on user help of RT-LAB.

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