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GUI_InThis input is used to communicate with the GUI in the console.
Amp x EnableThis input activates the amplifier X output when the AMPLIFIER X ENABLE MODE is selected to MODEL OUTPUT ENABLE. The input is active high.
Amp x Vref

This input is used to pass the voltage output reference to amplifier X. The value directly corresponds to the output voltage of the amplifier (with respect to the phase neutral). If the amplifier group operates in DIFFERENTIAL mode, this input corresponds to the output voltage between amplifier phase L1 and amplifier phase L2.

For details of maximum voltages possible in each mode please consult OP8110 4Q Power Amplifier - Specialized Solutions Documentation - Confluence (

SFP to OpInput

The user must connect an OpInput block with the tag SFP00 (or SFP01 for the second unit and so on). This port is used to establish communication with the amplifier. The process of mapping the amplifier bitstream I/O with the model I/O tags is provided in Simulator SFP Communication Setup.