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OP1400 PHIL Test Bench Series Interfacing through RT-LAB

Using the RT-LAB example projects

Example RT-LAB projects are provided with every model of the OP1400 PHIL Test Bench Series. These example projects provide typical application examples and demonstrates the capabilities of the OP1400 test benches.

Simulator SFP Communication Setup

Each simulator (target) comes with a simulator FPGA bitstream that allows the user to control the amplifier from an RTLAB model that runs on the target. This bitstream will be provided during delivery. If the user wants to implement the communication interface with the amplifier (or multiple of them) they will have to add the bitstream as an OPAL-RT Board in the I/O interfaces, the steps required are shown below:

  1. Add a new interface

  2. Select OPAL-RT Board

  3. Select the chassis type (its OP4510 (Kintex-7) in this case), make sure the corresponding .opal file is selected, verify if the right bitstream is read.

  4. Once the interface board is added, apart from the standard I/O, you will have 12 additional data ports grouped as 'Data to board' (8 ports) and 'Data from board' (4 ports).  As shown in the figure below, ports 007 through 0010 correspond to the Ch00 through Ch03 respectively on the real-time target. For now, support for connecting up to 4 amplifiers is available. A custom bitstream will be required if connections to more than 4 amplifiers are required.

An example of one OP4510 controlling two OP8110 is shown below. Here the interface CH00 communicates with Amp1. Internally it appears as port Port007 in Data to board and Data from board. In the model it should be connected to the corresponding OpInput and OpOutput block. The figures show connection of the first amplifier using the SFP00 OpInput and OpOutput blocks. Similarly CH01 communicates with Amp2. Internally it appears as port Port008 in Data to board and Data from board. In the model it should be connected to SFP01in and SFP01out.



OP8110 Simulink® Library Blocks

The following Simulink® blocks must used to control the OP8110 through RT-LAB.

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