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How to Generate [Z]-Based Transformer Parameters

This document details the use and features of the Transformer data tab of the [Z]-Based Transformer Parameter forms.

To access the Transformer data tab you must have a Z-based transformer in your design. Open the transformer's Parameter Form(double-click, or right-click and select Open Paramter Form) and go to Transformer data tab.


The Transformer data tab generates inductance matrix parameters. HYPERSIM typically uses resistance and inductance values (self and mutual inductances) to simulate a transformer with internal faults (inductance matrix type).

In many cases, these values are not readily available to the user who has access to open circuit test and short circuit test data. The Transformer data tab of the Z-based Parameter Form obtains the values of R and L (self and mutual) based on the given open and short circuit data.

In order to make use of the Transformer data tab of the Z-based Parameter Form, requires all the variables listed in Table 1. This data should be provided by the transformers' manufacturer.

Table 1. The variables required to generate transformer parameters

1Frequency (Hz)
2Nominal power (VA)
3Number of windings
4Winding 1 voltage (V)
5Winding 2 voltage (V)
6Winding 1 resistance (PU)
7Winding 2 resistance (PU)
8Excitation current positive sequence (%)
9No load losses positive sequence (W)
10Short circuit reactance positive sequence (PU)
11excitation current zero-sequence
12No load losses zero sequence (W)
13Short circuit reactance zero sequence (PU)

How to Generate Transformer Parameters

Once the user has all the required information, open the model in HYPERSIM, making sure the [Z]-based transformer is present.

  • Open the Parameter Form by double-clicking the transformer model and select the Transformer Data tab.
  • The Units field lets users select the unit type from a drop-down list (PU or SI). Be sure to remain consistent with your units.
  • Fill in all fields with the information made available from the manufacturer.
  • Click the Compute Transformer Parameters icon (first icon under Parameters Tab).
  • Hit Apply to save changes.

  • Go to the HYPERSIM Ribbon and click Analyze.
  • Return to the Transformer data tab of the Transformer Parameter Form.
  • Click Load parameters. This will update the transformer parameters in HYPERSIM. It can be verified by comparing the result obtained in the Log tab and the actual parameters in the selected transformer in the HYPERSIM window.


    • If you close the custom view, you lose the parameters set in Transformer Data tab but the voltage and power in General tab remain.
    • You can save these data by following the steps below

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